Opera Mini vs Opera for Android Browser Comparison

So many browsers for smartphones in the Play Store, and it isn’t easy at all, to choose the best one. Many a times, users tend to stick to the default browser that comes pre-installed in the smartphone, as the worry is about storage and app clutter. But if they look at alternatives, the search isn’t easy. Here comes a situation where, a couple of the best browsers for Android are made similarly, but there are differences internally that have to be pointed out. We’re talking about Opera for Android, and Opera Mini for Android.

Opera for Android vs Opera Mini

The major difference between the two browsers, is on how they compress the web page.

How is the data compressed?

Opera for Android: According to Opera, the browser here renders the data on the phone, and the non-HTTPS page content gets more compressed, on the Opera Turbo servers. Because of this, complex animations load just like on a normal web browser. Even for the cache, not every data is redownloaded, and it depends on the necessity.

Opera Mini: The compression of data is done on every aspect, text and images, to make it the lightest. Here, Opera Mini uses the servers of Opera to break down the web page and deliver it so as to reduce render time.

How much is the data compression?

Opera for Android vs Opera Mini Savings

Opera for Android: The compression is done based on how the network is, and how far is the phone from network tower, if the data network is being used. With this, about 50% of data savings is possible on average.

Opera Mini: The compression doesn’t depend on network availability, as the browser tries to compress the data by maximum, assuming you are on unstable networks. Here, about 90% of data savings is possible, because the ultimate aim is to just compress all the content.

How do they differ with experience?

The Opera for Android gives much better experience, because it doesn’t compress the data so much and the graphical content still loads perfectly. For those looking for a desktop-like experience in a smartphone while browsing the web, it is possible through Opera for Android. The HTML rendering makes it possible for the users to view javascript heavy content, even like Google maps, from the browser without much changes in the structure.

Opera for Android vs Opera Mini User Agent

The Opera Mini, on the other side, doesn’t give a similar experience. It concentrates on maximum compression of page, and thus, it won’t be like how the website actually is.

What features are different

Opera for Android vs Opera Mini Interface

  • The compression in Opera for Android is kept as a count under the name “Opera Turbo”, while that on the Opera Mini is seen as “Data Savings”.
  • The number of search engines supported in the search bar is more in the Opera for Android browser.
  • While the “Speed Dial” and “Discover” sections are in different columns in Opera for Android, the Opera Mini has both of them in the same page, with Discover section below Speed Dial.
  • Opera Mini allows the user to set and read RSS feeds of websites right from the browser.

When to use

Having said everything about the functioning of these browsers, the question would be about when to use the Opera for Android, and when to use the Opera Mini browser. While the Opera for Android is a browser you should be using when you have good Internet connectivity, and want a better experience with almost everything loading without a compromise, the Opera Mini browser for Android is one you should be using while travelling when the connectivity is not good, or when data charges are high, or even when the smartphone you are using, cannot handle high content website in the browsers.

Opera for Android vs Opera Mini Tabs

Both the browsers are good, but they solve different purposes, and thus, it is recommended to use the desired browser based on the requirement and the situation.

Download Opera for Android

[appbox googleplay com.opera.browser]

Download Opera Mini for Android

[appbox googleplay]

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