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How To Personalize Settings on HTC Sense based Android Smart Phones

Customizing your Android smartphone the way you like it to appear like is one of the smaller features that’s used a lot on Android. Users like  to customize their smartphones with new wallpapers, lock screen themes or just rearranging the icons on their homescreens with some new widget addons too. However, if you’re using a HTC Android Smartphone that runs the HTC Sense UI, the HTC Sense Version on Android 4.1 and above has made it difficult to get to the personalization option as easily as before.


To get around this and reach personalizing your homescreen as quickly as you can, there’s a easy way to go about doing it. Two of them, actually. Read further to get it working on your HTC Sense enabled phone instantly:


Method 1

  • When your phone is unlocked, pull down the notification bar.
  • Tp the settings icon in the top left corner.
  • Now, scroll down to the “Personalize” option and tap on it.

Method 2

  • It’s also noted that the Personalize option is present in the Settings menu of the phone.
  • Thus, add the Settings option to your homescreen directly by holding the Settings app from the app tray.
  • Once settings is added to your homescren, you can tap on it and hit personalize inside directly.

These are two simple, yet efficient ways of hitting the personalization option as quickly as possible on your Android smartphone. Using it on the long run would be effective in having your wallpapers and other custom options changed quicker than the usual way. Do let us know if you find any other workaround for the same too!

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