Pixel Qi – 7″ Sunlight Readable Android Tablet by Sol Computer

Sol Computer has come up with 7 inches model of its lineup to the existing 10 inches Windows tablets of them. These tablets are made up of unique Pixel Qi display screen and one among those tablets will be Android OS based and other will be powered with Windows OS for tablets.

Sol Computers Android tablet

Both the new tablets from Sol will feature 7 inches display screen with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution which has Pixel Qi displays. The Pixel Qi screens are the dual mode LCD screen which has the property of full color glow when the backlight is ON or has high contrast and get converts to black and white display when the screen is off. Even though the backlight is OFF you can see the screen while the backlight is OFF using nothing but the ambient light.

These tablets perfectly suited for those who works outdoors in bricks and sunny environment who don’t really want to deal with glare. The pricing for such tablets hasn’t been released but they are expected to cost not less than $ 1000. The proto type of such tablets was showcased on the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 at Las Vegas.

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