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Reliance Jio 4G Tips – How to Set a Custom Caller Tune for your Phone Number

Reliance’s Jio 4G has been officially offering unlimited 4G data, calls, and SMS for free for all of its users from September last year. While this free offer ends on March 31st, the company brought the new Jio Prime membership for those who want to continue the similar unlimited plan for another one year at a very nominal fee of Rs. 303 per month. To subscribe to this plan, the user needs to first purchase the Jio Prime membership for Rs. 99 before the end of this month. Along with free data, calls, and SMS; Jio is also offering the Jio suite of apps including Jio Music, Jio TV, Jio Cinema, and others for free.

Here there is one more thing that Jio is offering for free for all of its users; it’s actually the “Jio Tunes” service. The Jio Tunes (a.k.a caller tunes or hello tunes) can be subscribed for a duration of one month and needs to be manually renewed every month. Since the Jio Tunes is in beta testing, you may not find all the songs and SMS is the only way to search and activate the songs. As said earlier, there are no charges to set Jio Tunes and is absolutely free as of now. Follow the below steps to set any available song as a Jio Tune on your Jio 4G number for free.

Steps to Activate Jio Tune / Caller Tune on Your Jio 4G SIM:

  1. Open Messaging app on your smartphone and send any keyword to 56789.
  2. To make it more specific, you can add ‘movie‘ or ‘album‘ or ‘singer‘ before the keyword. (e.g., send movie (space) dangal or singer (space) arjith to 56789)
  3. You will receive a reply message with a list of 10 songs related to that keyword.
  4. Now you can send ‘more‘ to get the list of next 10 songs for that keyword or the exact number of the specific song to set it as your Jio Tune.
  5. You will receive a message saying to reply ‘1‘ to set the desired song as Jio Tune for all your callers.
  6. To continue, reply ‘1‘ to that message.
  7. Then, there will be another message saying to reply once again with ‘1‘ to confirm that specific song. Just reply to message with ‘1‘ to confirm.
  8. Now, you will receive a message from 56767XXXX number to set the song as your Jio Tune for the next 30 days for free of cost. Here you need to reply ‘Y‘ for the final confirmation.
  9. The song will be activated on your number in a couple of minutes.
  10. In case, if you want to change the song, follow the same process (starting from point 1) with a new keyword.

Steps to Deactivate Jio Tune / Caller Tune on Your Jio 4G SIM:

  1. Open the Messaging app your smartphone and send ‘STOP‘ to 56789.
  2. You will receive a message for confirmation, reply ‘1‘ to that message.
  3. Now, the Jio Tunes service will be deactivated on your Jio 4G number.
  4. Follow the above mentioned steps to reactivate Jio Tunes.

If you are facing issues while setting Jio Tunes on your number, let us know by commenting below. We can help you in solving out the issue.

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