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How to Remove / Disable the Bloatware Apps in the HTC One X

Bloatwares come initially in a totally new device, but HTC has developed a habit of activating those during their later updates and the recent update for the HTC One X activates the bloatwares (which means nothing other than the pre-installed applications that come in the device that you purchase). AMPed 2.0, deF!ND, Mobile TV, My SingTel, SingTel IDEAS and Starhub MUSIC are some of the apps that you would see pre-installed but they didn’t appear for the first time when a brand new phone is switched on, and the same appears after the OS update.

Very few would find these bloatware apps any useful considering that they would complain about the load that the phone gets already before they start using it well. When there is no specific use of these apps, people would want to see those apps removed . A very simple way of deleting the bloatware is to just reboot the phone, and it would remove all the bloatware, and to satisfy you its just the hiding of the apps as they are still available in the file system.

HTC One X settings  HTC one X apps disable

To totally disable a bloatware app from your HTC One X, you would need to go to the Application settings and do the same. Here are the steps to follow for the same:

  • Go to Settings section
  • Select Application settings
  • Select the tab for All the applications
  • Select the application that you want to disable.
  • Click on Disable.
  • Confirm the disabling by clicking OK.

One of the advantages of disabling the bloatware is the saving of the RAM that was being eaten by these apps which you are not particularly using but they run in the background and keep using a small amount of RAM. The Bloatware in the HTC One X is a part of the Android 4.0 OS installation, and the actual activation of these few apps is seen after the latest update. There is no root access requierd for the disabling of the Bloatware and so any user can do this normally.

Other tips: One of the general rules is uninstalling the apps, through the app settings where one would never see a problem of the RAM and worrying of the bloatware later on. And the other option is the various apps that would identify the unnecessary pre-installed apps and delete them, giving you no hassle for the same.

One of the recent Android Revolution custom ROM firmwares automatically remove the bloatware from the HTC One X, so one who is already searching for the latest update can do it and it would make things easier.



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