Reset Google Account on Android without Deleting Data

Everyone knows Gmail as it’s the best email service provider. You can associate your Gmail ID with various others Google services like YouTube, Picasa, Flickr. As Android mobile operating system is powered by Google, it makes it easy for it to sync and stay updated on your mobile with your Google account.

It’s clearly possible that you can have as many Gmail account as possible because it’s free. Last time we did a simple trick on Accounts & Sync section of adding multiple Gmail account on your Android with impacting the other Gmail account associated with your mobile. Now we would see how to remove a Google Account on your Android and keeping your personal mobile files stay intact. A hard reset would erase files which are present on your mobile phone but this procedure would help you retain those files and unassociated with a Google account.

You need to make sure that you have installed the latest version of Gmail via the Android market apps for Gmail.

Add Multiple Gmail account on Android

  • Tap on Menu and choose option of ‘Settings’.
  • From the settings go to Account & Sync.Add Gmail Account
  • Here you will see the general settings options and the manage account options. In the manage account options, you will see all the Gmail IDs associated with your phone. click on that id and you would see other services added to it for sync.Add Gmail Account
  • You would see the option like sync contacts, sync Gmail and Sync Calender.Reset Account
  • Untick them all and then click on Sign out.Reset Account
  • Confirm the sign-out step and you are done.Reset Account

Now what it does is it will automatically remove all of your messages, contacts, mails and other data on your phone associated with your ID and it will only keep the phone memory data. So this way you can remove your data easily without resetting your phone. If you want to deleted all the phone content then you can press wipe out data from your mobile phone.



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