Resolve Unusual Battery Drain on T-Mobile

Battery issuesIt’s known fact that Android based mobile phone consumes more battery but atleast it should meet up the specification mentioned by the phone manufacturer. If it doesn’t meet 70% of what your phone specifications speaks, then there is an issue with your phone battery or maybe with the phone or with the network provider. The issue can be different on various mobile phone.

When I was writing a review on T-Mobile G2X mobile phone by LG, I happen to visit the Support thread of T-Mobile official site where I spotted people complaining of the battery drain. If you are on T-Mobile’s network and if you happen to own an android smartphone, provided that you are experiencing abnormal battery drain on battery life then you can simply leave a feedback describing the issue.

The T-Mobile Support thread for battery not holding charge or losing power was started by T-Mobile employee Phillip and in the comment you need to provide the following information –

  • Device Make & Model
  • Issue Start Date
  • Your Location
  • Your usage network – 2G or 3G or 4G?
  • Does 2G improves battery drain
  • And every other observation by you

A temporary solution might work for you by T-Mobile but they are looking for permanent fix to the issue.

Several users have left the comment and I could see atleast 25 pages with atleast 10 users on each page. The most concerns were on T mobile G2 handset and My Touch 3G. By knowing all the issues with known models T-Mobile might be considering inputs and would be looking for better solution.

So if you are among those readers who experience poor battery performance then please raise your voice through the comment section on the link mentioned above. We hope that it helps.



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