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How to Root Motorola Razr GSM & CDMA Version on Latest Official ICS 4.0 Firmware

Guide to Root Motorola Razr on ICS Android 4.0 Firmware:

  • Download the Exploit and scripts from here to your computer and unzip the same. After this you will have to install all the Motorola Drivers and then connect your Motorola Razr with the USB Cable.
  • Ensure that the USB Debugging is enabled in your device. And also you need to check the Media device option. Extract the zip file which you downloaded and then run the exploit.
  • Just in case if the device is not rooted with the help of above mentioned steps, you can now root the same with the manual method. Download the su as well as debugfs. Save the two files on /sdcard (ie: mount your sdcard in windows and copy them over, or “adb push” them to /sdcard).
  • Up next in the linux terminal, you now need to run all the commands and then open the prompt and enter the adb “reboot”.
  • Run sequence commands and reboot with “adb reboot” or with shutdown. Now install the superuser.apk from the Google’s PLAY Store.
  • After this you need to install the OTA Root Keeper from PLAY Store and back up your root access.
  • Now, run all the commands as mentioned below,

adb shell
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /sdcard
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cp su /data/local/12m/
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cp debugfs /data/local/12m/
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /data/local/12m
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # chmod 755 su
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # chmod 755 debugfs
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # mv batch batch.bak
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # ln -s /dev/block/mmcblk1p20 batch
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # exit
adb reboot

The Razor reboots, after restart enter new commands,

adb wait-for-device shell

Wait for android shell:

shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /data/local/12m
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # rm batch
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # mv batch.bak batch
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # /data/local/12m/debugfs -w /dev/block/mmcblk1p20

(Enter this commands at the “debugfs:” prompt)
debugfs: # cd xbin
debugfs: # write /data/local/12m/su su
debugfs: # set_inode_field su mode 0104755
debugfs: # set_inode_field su uid 0
debugfs: # set_inode_field su gid 0
debugfs: # quit

shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /data/local/12m
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # rm su
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # rm debugfs
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # cd /
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # reboot
shell@cdma_maserati:/ # exit
adb reboot

Once all the above commands are executed, you now need to download and install the Superuser application from Google PLAY Store.

Tip: If your Motorola Razr refuses to get rooted or say gets into the boot loop mode, you need to again follow the above procedure to root your phone.

Do let us know in the comments section below just in case if you face any issues in the process of rooting your Motorola Razr. Congratulations, you have now successfully rooted your device.

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