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Here’s How you can Monitor Heart Rate on Android Phone with your Camera

With the technology taking big leaps in the modern world we can expect that it will change the life style of the future. Few years back no one has expected that Smart phones will be more powerful than Laptops, now smartphone are almost anything, you can get all the happening news, read mails, send mails, watch live videos and much more.

Few days earlier we have seen the heart rate monitor feature coming up with the flagship model of Samsung, i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S5 that measures your heart beat and shows it up, but for it you needed a Galaxy S5. Well buying a Galaxy S5 is not feasible to everyone so how do you measure your heart rate with your smart phone? There is an Android app called as the Runtastic Heart Rate that can measure your heart rate just by using the camera of your smart phone! There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a Galaxy S5 just for the heart rate sensor.

Runtastic Heart Rate  1 Runtastic Heart Rate 2 Runtastic Heart Rate 3

With this Runtastic Heart Rate you can easily check your heart rate anywhere and anytime just by using the camera sensor of our Smart phone. To measure your heart rate just place your index finger on the camera lens and hold it slightly until the measurement is completed, make sure that you do not press too hard or use cold fingers while measuring the heart rate as it might give a inaccurate result.

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Note: This could be a good alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone’s heart rate monitor if someone was considering to purchase the S5 especially for the health tracking and heart rate monitoring.

What can you do with Runtastic Heart Rate?

Runtastic Heart Rate helps you to measure the heart beat (pulse) and displays all the results in a form of a graph so that every minute detail can be seen. You will find different types of measurement types, showing the results while you rest along with the maximum heart rate and also the results before and after a cardio. You can also upload your results and analyze them online with the fitness site and also share them with your friends and family members via social networks.

How to start?

Initially you need to download the app from Google Play Store and then after the installation process is completed, open the app and you need to sign up with your Facebook or any other email account. After you sign up all the details are synched and later when the measurement starts, the flash your rear camera lights up and you need to put your index finger on it, it will take few seconds for it to be completed and the results are displayed. All the results can be shared via social networks and you can view them in the form of a bar graph so that you can know your progress.

Runtastic Heart Rate is a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play by clicking this link (here). There is also the pro version of this app that can also be downloaded.

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