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Samsung to bring a new touch-based fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S6 – Report

According to the latest report, Samsung will bring a new touch-based sensor for its next generation Galaxy S device which will eventually replace the currently used swipe-based fingerprint sensor. The sensor is expected to work in the same manner as on the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and the iPhone 5S / 6 / 6 plus. You will be able to register an entire fingerprint, unlike the swipe based sensor, which only partially registered a fingerprint.

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The new touch-based sensor is built into the home button as well, just like its predecessor. However, Samsung has made the home button slightly bigger compared to the Galaxy S5 and Note 4. With the new touch-based sensor, you wouldn’t have to swipe your finger on the sensor anymore; instead, you would just place your fingertip on the home key – at any angle – then lift it off.

On software front, Samsung is expected to bring back all the best features from previous flagship devices to the Galaxy S6, such as  Fingerprint Unlock, Web sign-in, Verify Samsung Account, Private Mode and Pay with PayPal.

Samsung had introduced a fingerprint scanner on its early 2014 flagship device, the Galaxy S5. Since then, it has equipped many of its devices with a fingerprint scanner, including the Galaxy S5 Mini, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note 4, and Galaxy Note Edge.

As per the new leaks, the new Samsung flagship will feature a toned down TouchWiz UI. A business publication from Korea claims that the company is planning to remove unpopular and unnecessary apps from the TouchWiz UI to “reduce the capacity of system memory.” It also stressed that the company is focusing on improving its function by “strengthening core features.”

Another report emerging from Korea has tipped that Samsung plans to start mass production of its flagship handset by next month. It also adds that the worldwide release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 might happen only after MWC – early March.


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