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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for $169.99 on-contract at Amazon with Verizon Wireless, $799.99 unsubsidized

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, one of the best Android devices in the market with the internal powering provided in it, was priced actually for $249.99 on Amazon and Verizon Wireless for the returning customers, but for this Black Friday week, the price has got a reduction if you are buying one with a new contract, and Amazon has been very quick to put this up after Wirefly had started offering the device for $199.99 on contract, and the former made it even better with the price of $169.99.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Amazon Deal

Now, although Amazon’s price is lesser than what Wirefly is charging, but the latter is offering a free $40 prepaid Visa debit card if at all you are deciding to port your phone number to Verizon, but that doesn’t come at the same time and the card ships later on, and thus is good only for those who are happy to wait.

Unsurprisingly, both Amazon and Wirefly are selling the Galaxy Note 3 for a price of $799.99 if buying without a service plan although Verizon is charging $100 lesser than it but both these sellers are looking to sell them mainly through the Verizon’s service plans. If you are a regular Amazon customer, you can get the Note 3 through the free Prime shipping. Do note that we are talking of the new customers with an entirely new plan, and not the current ones, as you can get the upgrades to the current account for $250 on Amazon and $300 on Wirefly.

The offer is valid for both the White and Black color options. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 through Verizon Wireless comes with the 4G LTE connectivity and this variant has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, a quad-core one clocking at 2.3 GHz and there is 3GB of RAM. The device comes with the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS out of the box and there are 13-megapixel and 2-megapixel rear and front cameras. Internal storage included is 32GB and the storage is expandable to The Note series has always been well known for the S Pen and its functionality, which has been getting better with every new generation coming up. The Note 3’s S Pen has got the features such as the Air Command, which takes the user experience to the next level.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 White on Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Black on Amazon

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