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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was announced on 3rd September 2014 and is easly one the best device that has been released this year. This device is the sucessor of the Galaxy Note 3 that was released last year and created a buzz in the market with its sales and also for its S-Pen features. The South korean Giant will be looking to repeat the same with this years flagship Note 4 and even try to better it. We already posted the hands-on of the device earlier and as promised, here is the complete review of this awesome Phablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The new Galaxy Note 4 comes with a 5.7” Super AMOLED Quad HD Display, and under the hood its sport the powerful Snapdragon 805 processor. It gives the support to other great hardware included on the device. It currently runs on Android 4.4.4 Kitkat customized with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, which has the significant improvements compared to the Note 3. While on the camera department, company did manage to put a 16MP module on the back and a 3.7 MP snapper on the front for selfie lovers. And it was well demanded that the company put a finger print scanner on Note 4, which is found on the Home button of the device. Alongside the two capacitive buttons which are for back and the menu functions. To the left are the volume rockers, on the right is the power key and on the top are a 3.5 mm headset jack and an IR Blaster. On the bottom, there is a microUSB port, as well as a slot the improved S – Pen. On a surprising note, the new phablet from Samsung also has a heart rate monitor on the back to track your BPM.


Design on the Note 4 is similar to its predecessor that comes with a leather back and the grip, which makes it comfortable to use. The one-handed operations on the Note 4 are quite comfortable comparing to the other phablets in the market right now. The company decided to stay with the same screen size to make the device comfortable to hold.

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The Note 4 might have a very large display size which is about 5.7-inch. But it still feels very comfortable to hold the device on one hand. As it is not the case with most oversized smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus. Even though, which has slightly smaller display of 5.5-inch. Now let’s talk about how Quad HD display on Note 4 improves upon the 1080P display on Note 3. While it is still earlier for many apps to make use of the high-resolution display, which is available on Note 4. But the high PPI on the device is easily noticed while we browsed on the device as it makes graphics looks sharper than a 1080P display. And it also looks great even in the outdoor conditions. Though, it does need a lot of processing while playing the 4K videos for which the Snapdragon 805 processor would support. But on the contrary it does heat up a bit during that play. And since it has a Super AMOLED display, it allows you to view every inch of the display from any angles. Meaning it has super vibrant color texture and basically is the best display out there in the smartphone right now.


The Note 4 features an Android 4.4.4 and would soon be upgraded to Android 5.0 along with the TouchWiz Skin on it. On the Note 4, there are some very significant UI improvements that do make the interface more interesting and faster than on the Note 3. It has some interesting features like a Magazine from the home that is powered with Flipboard, and the UI is very simple to use for the first-time user. As well as the extended notifications panel gives you access to all the shortcuts right from the top. The Note comes with more S Pen features like the Smart Select, which is very impressive in case you want to select any content, edit and share quickly. The S health is another important feature which was now powered with a coach; though, that’s a software but still helps in improving your health.


The Note 4 features a 3GB of RAM along with Adreno 402 GPU, which allows to carry out multi-tasking very easily. During our test, we ran too many apps on the background. And not to the surprise; the 805 chipset did take the processing to the next level, which was super fast and efficient. There was not any lag at all. Talking about the space to store on the Note 4, right now only 32GB option is available in the market. And personally it is enough as you get a lot of space to store the big apps and games. Moreover, the device also supports Micro SD expansion up to 128GB. With the company introducing Heart rate monitor, the health geeks like us can easily take advantage out of it. Though, we find it to be not that accurate at all. Coming to the basics, the call quality is not good, but is not bad either, which is contradictory of it.

While company improved the Note 4 in almost every sense, but clearly didn’t give much focus to the battery, which is a slight upgrade to 3220mAh from the 3200 on the Note 3. Though, introducing the features like Ultra power mode and faster charging the device does ensure that you don’t run out of battery juice when needed. Where ultra power saving mode switch your device into the zombie mood, per saying only the few apps and features on the device would be working. Though, that’s what you need some time as in emergencies I should be able to make calls and texts. At least without much to worry about the battery consumption. Samsung claims that with its 9 volt charger, the battery life gets 75% under 30 minutes. While that was not the case, though, the full charge about in 100 minutes is quite interesting for this large battery.


The last major change that has been done on the Note 4 is the 16MP rear camera with Optical image stabilization, which let us tell you is just mind blowing. We did capture a lot of photos with not just the rear but also with a 3.7MP Front camera which does a great job for selfies. The rear snapper on Note 4 takes sharp and vibrant photos, and it is totally obvious that Samsung is trying to sharpen every image that Note 4 takes, like every photo. Even in a photo with a clear subject, the Note 4 will end up filtering photos with sharpens, which is pretty cool, but is no needed for all.

The 4K Video mode and stabilization on the device is a great combo, which allows you to shoot video and zoom in from even 50-60 foot without losing your subject at all. It is pretty cool of the device that it does not get hanged or the recording stop which was the case in the Galaxy S5. Samsung has always been known for providing pretty good cameras on their flagships. But with Note 4 the camera performance and quality has improved much more and is clearly experienced while taking a photo or recording the videos on it. And also thanks to the Super AMOLED display the captures look great on the device. There are a lot of details in the captures for sure.


All in all, the hardware is pretty great when it comes to performance on the Note 4. Though, the HRM & Finger Print Scanner are slightly improved, there measurements seem to be not that accurate at all. And we hope that Samsung comes with a better TouchWiz based on Android Lollipop, or better completely remove it and make it close to stock Android experience. And not to forget about the S-Pen, which is again the slight improvement from Note 3.

So, at the end of the day, it can be said that Galaxy Note 4 is one of the best smartphone Samsung has ever made. Of course, but not that because it’s the latest smartphone from Samsung. But the because it has top notch specs including the best display, amazing battery life, incredible cameras and feels more compact than the other large display smartphones out there.



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