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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Smart phone Hands on & Initial impressions

Samsung is well known for its Note series of device, be it the Galaxy Note 3, Note 4 or even the Galaxy Note Edge. These Phablets come with a stylus so that its users can operate the device easily, but you need both the hands to use this feature. The Galaxy Note Edge was unveiled in IFA Berlin on 3rd of September this year. A noticeable feature of the device is that it comes with a wrap around display, or you can call an extended display towards the right. And this is also one of the costliest Phablet that is available in the market. Earlier we have seen that the South Korean Giant came up with the Galaxy Fix that had a curved display.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge comes with 5.6 inch Quad HD display; Super AMOLED display (2560 x (1440+160)) with the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The device will be powered by quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor with a clocking speed of 2.7 GHz. The GPU supporting the processor is Adreno 420 and also comes along with 3 GB of RAM. Towards the back, there is a 3000 mAh battery which should be enough to power this phablet for an entire day.

The Note Edge features the same 16 MP camera that we have seen on the Note 4, and it will be accompanied with a 3.7 MP camera on the front. The device will run Android 4.4.4 out of the box, and the latest Lollipop Operating system will be hitting it soon. These specifications are similar to the Note 4, except that it is 0.1 inch smaller.


The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be specifically known for its design as it comes with a curved display to its right Edge and so the name. This curved edge on the device has some unique smart features and also gives you quick accesses to the launch bar so that you can launch any app quickly. You also have the option of assigning your favorite app onto the edge. It also works as a notification bar and also has many more features like Quick tools.

The design looks similar to that of the Note 4, as the Note Edge comes with removable leather back. The power button that is on the right of the devices has been shifted to the top as the screen is prolonged toward the right. The volume rockers are placed on the left, and the audio jack is on the top beside the mic. On the front, there is a hardware home button and to its either sides we have the capacitive touch buttons.

There is a 3.7 MP camera on the front and beside it we can find the sensors and speaker grills. At the bottom of the device, we can find the secondary mic from the left and a USB port for transferring the files and also for charging the device. Beside the USB port, there is a Stylus as we have seen with most of the note series of devices. At the back, we can find the 16 MP camera and below there is a LED flash and also the heart rate sensor. At the bottom back be can find the branding of the company and the speaker grills are placed just below it. We also have an IR blaster on the top beside audio jack.


The Galaxy Note Edge has the same 16 MP camera that we have seen on the Galaxy Note 4 on the rear. There is also a 3.7 MP camera on the front that is decent enough. The rear camera is capable of shooting 4K videos and also has a feature like Smart OIS, Fast Auto focus, and live HDR.

The device comes in 32 GB or 64 GB find variants, and it also has a microSD card slot to extend the memory up to 128 GB. The device also comes with a fingerprint scanner for providing more security for your device and also gives trusted online transactions. Apart from this, it comes with the company’s own Touchwiz UI. The device is pretty smooth and easy to operate as the curved screen gives you the accesses to the all the feature and also give direct accesses to your favorite application. Even though you have an extra screen, you won’t be able to watch the video there but it will show all the options on the videos.

Final verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is unarguably one of the best devices out in the market today. With the curved display and all the features of the Galaxy Note 4 it will be a dream device of everyone. The sad part is the device also among the costliest smartphones. We will be coming with the full review of the device very soon after using it for few more days.

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