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Samsung Galaxy One Tablet Projector Concept – Photos

Tablets PCs are every day news and so many cheap tablets are launched daily. We hear no new tablets coming out from Samsung who have ruled in the Android line of smartphones and tablets been used. Apart from the existing tablet there has been the successor but now real tablet which can bring out a new projection in to technology.

Galaxy Note One

Samsung Galaxy Note One – Projector Concept

How about using your tablet as the projector for showing slideshows, projects meeting, work agendas? We have few smartphones which make use of the projector technology but those went under wired. Yes, we are talking about the Spice Projector phone. But why this concept is not applied to tablets PCs? If this concept introduced in tablets for real then we don’t need to purchase a dedicated projector. This tablet just looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.Galaxy Note One

But atleast for concept designs, here comes the Samsung Galaxy One Tablet Projector concept. The tablet includes a back kick stand so that the projection of the projector can be done a varied angles. This tablet is with the dual boot OS of Windows 8 and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system or maybe Jelly Bean.

Galaxy Note One Galaxy Note One

Going through the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy One tablet projector concept design this comes with 305 x 195 x 14 mm along with the aluminum body and brushed aluminum feet. These designs is provided by Laura and Charles providing a fresh projection into the perspective of tablets. Check out more pictures here –



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