Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Round Officially Announced in Korea – Specs, Official Photos

We were expecting this to come any time this week, and Samsung is quite quick with their announcements, as they have already announced the Samsung Galaxy Round curved display Android device in Korea and it looks no different than the Galaxy Note 3, except the concave-shaping to the display which looks neat. This comes with the world’s first full HD Super AMOLED flexible display, and the back cover is the same stitched faux leather used in the Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy Round

One of the features that Samsung Tomorrow could check, is the Roll Effect where the phone when rotated a little to one side would display the battery information and the call, message notification with the unattended call or unread message count on the same screen. It’s the 5.7-inch Full HD display and the device weighs 154gm. The color in which the device would be available for now, is Luxury Brown and the other colors would be available soon. We haven’t got to know the other internal details but it would be out soon.

Samsung Galaxy Round Back

Samsung Galaxy Round Body

Samsung Galaxy Round Top

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

Earlier: 8th Oct 2013 by Chetan Bhawani
The curved displays have been amongst one of the hot topics for the entire year, ever since they were showcased during the CES 2013 in January, but the practical implementation does take time, and finally we are getting to hear that Samsung would be the first one to come up with the curved display, which is not the OLED completely flexible display which many might be expecting. The name that this curved display device would carry, is the Samsung Galaxy Round, which would have the flexible panels at the edges where there’s a display stretching till the edges along the curved panel.

When Samsung had come up with the first Galaxy Note, it was the same question in many people’s minds, that, is that screen size needed at all and whether this segment would go on well. But in the end, the Note ended up well ahead of even the flagship devices from the same manufacturer. So would be the case with the Galaxy Round, but we can get to know only when the product is launched.

Samsung Galaxy Round

The only detail that is known, is the screen size – 5.7 inch. Everything else will make us wait but the rumors through a few sources are that the device might pack the similar specs which the Galaxy Note 3 has got. And for now, it’s South Korea where the device might see its announcement, and it would be carried by the SK Telecom network. The international release time and details still remain a question.

For now, we would just be wondering whether the device is really coming that soon, and if it is, what would be price point at which Samsung would sell it. Because, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was sold at a high price range and one won’t be expecting anything less with this, and we’ll have to wait and see if Samsung is including the S Pen with this to enhance the functionality, or would keep the curved body as the main USP. We’ll get to know soon.

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