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Samsung Galaxy S vs Galaxy S II Mobiles Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S was one of the first 1Ghz Android phones in the world which sold in massive numbers throughout the world over a short period of time, giving Samsung a lot of success. Samsung was little known as a successful player in the smartphone industry until the Galaxy S. But they didn’t stop there and went ahead with the latest smartphone, the Galaxy SII. After about three months of release, Galaxy SII has sold 3million units worldwide and is one of the most powerful smartphones in the market currently.

Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Galaxy S2

Here’s a detailed feature list comparing the Galaxy S and its successor, the SII:


The Galaxy S comes with a 4 inch Super AMOLED display while the SII sports a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED PLUS display. The super AMOLED display has a high resolution close to the iPhone 4’s retina display and was its competitor throughout. The Galaxy SII has a slightly bigger screen, bigger by 0.3 inches and a more superior display which produces vivid colors, named as the Super AMOLED PLUS.


Galaxy S has a 5 Megapixel camera in the rear and does not have an LED Flash. It records HD video at 720p and has a secondary VGA camera for video calls via 3G, Skype or Google Talk. Whereas the Galaxy SII has an 8Megapixel Camera in the rear, comes with an LED flash and records Full HD video at 1080p. Also, the SII has a secondary video camera of a 2 Megapixel resolution.


The Galaxy S has 16GB/32GB of internal memory and a microSD card slot which supports upto 32 Gigabytes of storage, enabling a total of upto 48GB on it. The Galaxy SII also has the same. There are two variants on both, 16 and 32GB of internal memory.


3G bands supporting upto 21Mbps are seen on the SII while the S does a maximum of 7.2Mbps. Wi-fi bands are almost the same with Galaxy SII supporting 802.11a band while the S doesn’t, though both support the latest band of Wi-Fi, the 802.11n. GPS and Bluetooth options are similar on both, with BT 3.0.

Operating System and UI:

Samsung Galaxy S has the latest version of Gingerbread, 2.3.3 with Touchwiz 3 while the SII comes with TouchWiz 4, an improvement over the original TouchWiz. The Android version is 2.3.3 on both and both are expected to get 2.3.4 very soon

Battery and Processor

The SII has a 1650mAh battery and claims to have around 18 hours of talktime and 710 hours of standby time on 2G while the Galaxy S has a 1500mAh battery and has around 13 hours of talktime and 750 hours of standby backup.

The Galaxy S comes with a 1Ghz processor and 512MB of RAM while its successor, the SII has a 1.2Ghz Dual Core processor and 1GB of RAM. The SII is really powerful.


Though the Galaxy S is an amazing value for money device and comes with high end specifications, its elder brother, the SII is a beast and performs really well. The Galaxy S costs $450 and can be purchased here¬†while the SII is at $633 and available here. If you can afford the 200$ premium, it’s really worth it. But if the budget is really strict, the Galaxy S is an excellent deal.



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