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Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Features – How They Utilize the 13MP Rear, 2MP Front Cameras

Samsung Galaxy S4 rear cameraSamsung has been popular in coming up with good upgrades to the present models, and why not, every successor had a few features that were not seen in the earlier versions, and in most of the other devices in the market. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the perfect example of that, where not just the interface and the other physical aspects, but the Camera has seen a lot of upgrades, and not just to the lens but to the actual features where the user experience finally gets better.

Samsung Galaxy S4 sports a 13-megapixel BSI camera with f/2.2 aperture and autofocus on the rear side and a 2-megapixel front facing camera, but just let’s not go with the specs, as Samsung has been good at that already, thus talking about the features that the cameras have to offer, would make more sense.
Below are the features of the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S4:

Dual Camera Function – One can use both the cameras simultaneously to capture either the picture or video, and while doing that they can select from a variety of frame effects which would blend the pictures together and naturally adjust the smaller picture into the larger one, and the user has an option to select from 8 different ways to combine the two photos taken by the rear and front camera.

Dual Camera Feature S4

Dual Video Call – Personalizing the video calling in a better way, by sharing what you are looking at. The Dual Video Call feature would help you activate both the cameras at the same time when you make / receive a video call and the front facing camera would show you, while the rear camera would show what you are looking at.

Shooting Modes – Samsung has included 12 different shooting modes for the rear camera, a couple which are:
Drama shot using which one can watch all the action in a single continuous time-lapse video
Sound & Shot is a feature using which the camera would capture a picture and record audio for about five seconds to make the picture lively, and the phone is capable of storing the image just like the animated GIFs.

Sound and shot S4

Multiple Capturing – According to Samsung, this feature of continuous shoot is specifically provided to avoid any photobomb, and the user can click up to 100 pictures in a time of 4 seconds, and then can choose a few frames to join all together to bring out one perfect image.

Eraser is another feature where one can easily remove an object from the picture by selecting it, rather than trying to go with several other ways on desktop by using heavy editing tools.

Story Album function – Automatic gathering of the captured images, sorting them out according to the timeline and then geo-tagging them to create a photo album. The album creating feature doesn’t end here, as one can order the album for offline storage, through Blurb, the company which Samsung partnered with.

S4 Story Album

We are yet to understand it internally, but the front camera is taken as the main source for the different Smart features included by Samsung:

Samsung Smart Pause – Control the screen by where you are looking at. While watching a video, if you look away from the screen suddenly, the video pauses by itself. And when you look back at it, the video resumes playing.

Samsung Smart Scroll – The user can scroll the browser or emails up and down without touching the screen, and the movement of the wrist is also noted while trying to respond to the gestures.

These features are not the ones that only the camera can be given credit for, as Samsung has played around a lot with the interface and made it possible for the users to take full advantage of the cameras with all these additional features.

Credits: TheVerge for the images.

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