Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories – Wireless Charging Covers, Cases, and Wearables

Samsung had announced the Galaxy S5 at the MWC 2014 event, and the announcement didn’t end with just the smartphone as Samsung took a chance to showcase the big list of accessories that would be available for the new flagship device and it’s not a limited range, but some of the best companies making the accessories were listed with the actual cases for the device. Check the accessories listed below.

Do check the Galaxy S5 hands-on, straight from the floor of MWC 2014.


The South Korean giant Samsung gas unveiled two new Wireless Charging cover in the U.S for its latest flagship device, the Galaxy S5. This include a Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover and a Wireless charging Cover and the company will also sell the S-view Flip Cover and a protective Cover for the device. The wireless charging S-flip cover that was unveiled has leather like finish on the outer surface of it.

Samsung S Charge Cover for Galaxy S5

The wireless charging cover is similar to that of the normal back cover looks exactly same from the outside and will be having respective connectors inside for wireless charging. These chargers are compatible with the Qi-compatible wireless charging pads and also have rubber sealing on the inner side making it water resistant.

The pricing of the Galaxy S5 Wireless charger for the Black and White color is $29.99 and for the Galaxy S5 Wireless charging S View Flip Cover for the same colors is priced at $69.99. These devices have been listed on the official Samsung U.S website with a coming soon tag on them and can expect a global rollout pretty soon.

S View Cover

This is the official cover with the window on the front showing most of the notifications, weather info and the shortcuts to the camera app and other settings. That’s one of the useful cases / cover for the Samsung Galaxy S5 but the color options don’t impress much. We hope there are some good colors available when the phone is actually launched.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 12

S View Cover and S Charger Cover

Samsung has released S View Cover that will provide its users to have a quick glance of notifications and all the information coming across your Samsung Galaxy S5 device, like it was with the Galaxy S4. The S View Cover will be available for wireless charging through the S Charger Pad.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 11

Sound Accessories – there were a few excellent looking headphones at display for the Samsung Galaxy S5, and there were earphones with the noise isolation plugs too. To add to that, there are some good color options for them.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 10 Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 9

Samsung Gear 2

Samsung had named their first smartwatch as the Samsung Galaxy Gear, but now the new Tizen OS has made them remove the Galaxy branding, and thus came the Samsung Gear 2, the smartwatch which is quite better than the first gen wearable. The smartwatch has quite a lot of color options for the straps.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 8

Samsung Gear Fit

The Samsung Galaxy S5 might not have caught many by surprise that the Samsung Gear Fit did, because this accessory looked brilliant not just by looks but also by functionality. It has the OLED display and it looks very good and has quite a lot of options, while also has got the heart rate sensor for tracking the heart rate.

Samsung Gear Fit

 Multi Charging Cable

Interesting to see that Samsung is concentrating on the small but important things, as the Multi Charging Cable should be something helpful when you wanted to charge more than one device but had that single slot and cable.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 6

Battery Pack and Kit

Samsung is officially going to make the 6A battery pack and the battery kit available when the smartphone is launched, for those who wanted to have the extra battery dose while traveling, rather than carrying the external battery chargers which are mostly heavy to carry.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

There are several cases from different brands, and the ones which are listed by Samsung include:

  • Otterbox
  • Belkin
  • Logitech
  • Incipio
  • Tech21 Impactology
  • Flip Wallet from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 4 Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 13 Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 7

Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 1 Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 2 Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories 3

Apart from these, there are a few cases and covers already available on Amazon. That’s how fast the accessory manufacturers are. We have to wait for a month for the actual smartphone to be launched, but are able to purchase it’s cases already.



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