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Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Coming in May 2014 – Specs and Details

As is the trend with Samsung, it always comes up with many variants of one Smartphone, now another variant of the Flagship is going to follow up even before the actual launch of the device. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be powered more and is going to be called as Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. A Russian tech blogger tweeted few months back that the Galaxy S5 will be coming in a premium model and the material that will be used is more high-end compared to the original version of the Galaxy S5.

The Russian tech blogger also claimed that the Galaxy that was leaked earlier is that actual Galaxy S5 prime. More over this device will be coming in to the market targeting the demand for the designer Smart phones. There are few likely features that were confirmed to come with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 premium edition (Galaxy S5 Prime) to come soon

The features include a 64 bit mobile chip, which was rumored to be found on the regular Samsung Galaxy S5 but it just came out with a quad core Snapdragon chipset that will be clocking at 2.5 GHz. We have seen the Exynos processor on the Galaxy S4, but the S5 prime will be running all the cores at once giving more speeds and efficient energy usage. Another feature that it might come is a minimum of 4 GB of RAM because of the 64 bit chip used. A report from BGR claims that Samsung is already is process of producing the 4GB DDR3 DRAM memory that is based on a new 20-nanometer process.

We all expected a 2K display on the Samsungs flagship model but it was not to be! We might just see that 2K (2560 x 1440) resolution on the Galaxy S5 Prime edition. According to previous reports, the company was planning to show the 2K display standards in 2014 so we can expect this to happen with the new Galaxy S5 variant. Not only these the device is also expected to come with a metal frame as the metal frame was expected to come with the Galaxy S5 itself.

The Galaxy S5 Prime will be coming after the debut of the latest flagship, likely to be released between May and June 2014 that will have all the main features like, heart rate monitor, finger print scanner, 16 MP rear camera and more that was seen in the Galaxy S5. Stay tuned for more information and updates, we are pretty much excited to know more about this device and hope that it will be coming soon.


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