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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tip: Using the Toolbox, Editing & Customizing it

Toolbox in S5The Toolbox in the Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the very useful and optional tool which would show up only if you enable it, and it presents to you a quick access to any five applications from anywhere in the interface. This is something that is available as an app from the third party providers, but having an internal option is always better as there are no issues with the compatibility and the Toolbox does a very neat job in the S5.

Toolbox presents itself as an app icon-sized circle with three dots which on tapping, would open a drop-down list of five applications which are pre-selected but you can always edit that and select the five apps which you want to show in the toolbox, so that you can quickly open any of these apps whenever wanted.

The toolbox can be activated either from the Notification panel’s quick settings section, or by going to the Settings app. In the Settings, you need to go to the “Sound and Display” section, where the Toolbox option is shown in the bottom. Tap on that and you will be able to toggle it On and also edit the same.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Toolbox Notification Panel Samsung Galaxy S5 Toolbox Settings

Editing the Toolbox on Samsung Galaxy S5: To edit the toolbox, you again have two ways:

  • Tap and hold the Toolbox and you will be able to see the options “Edit” and “Remove” on the top. Drag the toolbox to Edit and it would then open the entire list of applications which you can select / deselect.
  • Go to Settings > Sound and Display > Toolbox. In this, you would see the option to “Edit”.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Toolbox Edit Samsung Galaxy S5 Toolbox Customize

Remove the Toolbox: The toolbox again can be removed in the same way as you could edit the same. The selected list of applications remain the same when you remove it, and whenever you place it back, the same app list is shown in the dropbox.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Toolbox Delete

Of course there are some alternatives for this – one of them is called Switcher, and another good one which is well appreciated by many users is the Swipepad app, and both of these apps are available on the Play Store.

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