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Samsung Galaxy S5 to have 2 Variants with Quad-core, Octa-core Processor – Details

Samsung’s next flagship Smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been unveiled and is now coming in two different variants. Yea you heard it right the Galaxy S5 is going to come with two different speeds of clocking as one will be clocking at 2.1 GHz and the other variant will be clocking at 2.5 GHz. More over the processor clocking at 2.5 GHz is a Quad core Snapdragon processor and the other one is an Octa core Exynos processor clocking at 2.1 GHz. This was also done with its predecessor Galaxy S4 and also with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but we could not pick up much difference in the performance of the devices.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Variants

We have seen this device unveiled in our earlier post explaining all the enew features that this device has come up with. The main feature of it being the Finger scanner and the other one is the Heart rate sensor, which will beld be that Samsung r tracking the heart rate of its user. We do not have the release dates, pricing and release locations of this device yet but the company has noted that it could be released in April. The price of the device will also vary depending on the chipset variant chosen by the user.  We have to wait a bit longer to get all the official details about the device from the company.

Earlier we saw the device getting announced at MWC 2014 with a 5.1 inch display and 16 MP camera with a similar kind of design seen in the Samsung galaxy S4. One would have expected some change in its design at least coming up with a faux leather back that we saw in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This device is also certified with IP67 ratings for Dust and water resistant and will be running on the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat Operating system. Stay tuned for more updates and information coming life from MWC 2014.

The only hope for us would be that Samsung retains the 4K video recording feature in both the variants of the S5, because the International variant of the Note 3 didn’t have that feature.

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