Search & Open Apps in your Phone in a Flash with T9 App Dialer – Download APK

If you have an Android smartphone and are having many number of applications then here’s an effective way to find the applications among the many. Yes, you have guessed it right, an effective App Search is all here which is dubbed as “T9 Dialer for apps”. With tons of apps loaded in most of the Android smartphones and tablets, most of the users spend some few seconds of time for searching their app. With an effective App Search which here is the “App Dialer”, you can easily search for an app with a user friendly user interface. To search for an app, all you need to do is to either enter the name of an app or the developer name. This app is a first of a kind of app which helps users in searching the app, there are other in built search app which helps in searching apps but aren’t that effective since there are no standalone app searching tools.


We have mentioned the screen captures of this T9 App Dialer below. To get started, first up you need to head over to the Download page of “T9 Dialer for Apps” and then download the same in your device with the help of on screen instructions. We have mentioned the download link at the bottom of the page. Before that we have also mentioned the highlight features of T9 Dialer for Apps,

T9_1 T9_2


  • Search Apps or Games with the name of app or with the developer name,
  • See “Most Used” apps as a separate category,
  • Ranking System effectively monitors the most used apps and puts it forward in a separate category,
  • Search apps in a simple T9 Dialer,
  • Search results without any lag / delay,

The best part is that for using this application, you need not root the device. To Download “T9 Dialer for apps”, you can head over to the below mentioned link,


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