Setup Do Not Disturb Blocking Mode on Android with Calendars Sync & Silent Timer

Having problems in getting proper sleep because of unnecessary calls in the night? Missed important call during the flight mode or in silent mode? Want to block some calls? We can see many Smart phones lack the blocking calls or handling calls, notifications, and alerts during a period so for all those devices we an Android application called as Do Not Disturb, which will solve all these problems and manage your incoming calls as you like.

By using this Do Not Disturb App all calls can be handled and we can customize them too. It syncs with the Google calendar and will allow creating silent mode for each and every day of the week separately for the time period specified. The users can disable all the calls and SMS’s for the night if you want to have a proper sleep and set an alarm to wake up on time to rush to the office or elsewhere even after disabling everything. Even this can be set for every night, for instance if you are expecting a important call on those days of the week.

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However there is a built in responder added to it for letting the caller know that you are busy and will be calling them later. There is also an emergency calls mode where the callers call repeatedly for 2 times within 5 minutes they will be able to connect the call. This app has an instant tab that gives four options of +5 minutes, +15 minutes, +1 hour and +4 hours if you want to quickly make the phone silent while driving or in meeting to make it simpler. You can also set up calls and customize them to certain contacts to ring or vibrate and also set up notifications.

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So after all these there is another feature, that lets the user to accept calls and SMS from a particular Group even when the phone is set for a silent mode. This group has to be created by the user and even this can also be blocked if it is necessary. Many groups can be created, say one for office and one for friends and accordingly each group can be blocked. If you want to block friends in the office times and receive office calls only it can be done and vice versa if you want to block office calls on holidays and receive friends calls only. These features will be available in the trail version for only 2 weeks and user you need to download the pro version for $2 to $3 from the Google Play Store.

This is a great application for the Android and mainly for people who get unnecessary calls at an untimely occasion! Moreover this app doesn’t access your SD storage or networks, so are you going to download this app? Already downloaded? Let us know how is your feedback about this.

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