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Capturing photos and capturing them good is now a hobby of every one of a few gadget users, and this has become more of a trend ever since the various smartphone manufacturers have started including some excellent cameras which make the camera experience a lot better and many are actually capturing some excellent quality photos directly from their smartphones. But how good would that be when you are getting something out of it, apart from the satisfaction for the likes and comments from your friend? there’s one app which would do that – Clashot.

Clashot is an app from Depositphotos, a Royalty-Free Stock Photo store, which lets you share your best captures and when selected, these photos can be sold to the buyers on Depositphotos, generating revenue for you. First of all, this is a free app thus there is no harm in trying it out if you are into photography and a good number of photos to share.

Clashot App Profile Clashot App Settings

The concept is simple, you Capture photos > Upload them on Clashot > they get filtered and selected > Listed on Depositphotos > Needy buyers would purchase the photos > you get your share of earnings from the sale. You are earning per photo sale, and one of the best part about this app is that you don’t need to upload the photos taken only from your smartphone, but they could be even the highly professional photos that you took with your DSLR and edited on your computer. The only requirement here is that you upload them through this app on your Android device.

Now, if you are thinking we are talking about only the earnings, you are mistaken. The Clashot app has a very big community of photographers and that’s where you would actually make a good network of friends, follow a few and get followed by people who could later be your fans, and you would get some good advices from the community.

How to use the Clashot App?

Once you download the app from the Play Store and install it, you will see a page to signup and that could be through one of the various options, and once you are logged in, you would see an option to add reports (which indirectly are the albums you upload) and then check the reports which are accepted or rejected.  There are options like:

  • Feed (where the public photos are shown)
  • Wizard (where the photos can be uploaded)
  • Camera (opens the camera app)
  • Profile (your profile where you can change the profile picture and the other options)
  • Settings (the main app settings)

Clashot App 1 Clashot App 2 Clashot App Report

What can be done with the photos?

Once you upload the photos through your profile, you can arrange them under the particular categories and people can browse through the albums through your profile, and the profile shows the number of reports, the photos which they are selling and the number of people following you and you are following, and the date of registration of the user. The photos can be shared, favorited, liked and commented on. It would also show the number of views that particular photo has received.

Clashot App Albums Clashot App Photo Clashot App Photo Details

There are a few advantages with the app that I felt sharing, so that people can understand the actual purpose of it.

  • It’s a free app, available directly from Play Store – quite trustworthy already
  • Comes from Depositphotos, one of the trusted stock photo trading website
  • Easy to upload photos, categorize them
  • You don’t need to set anything special to get them selected or sell them
  • Very easy to use interface, nothing hard for the basic users to understand
  • Liked a photo from someone? you can purchase that from the same account
  • Opt to upload photos only if you are connected through Wi-Fi, saves data network costs

Of course there is no option to edit the photos because it’s a platform where you share your edited / captured photos and you are using Clashot as a social photography app rather than a photo editing one.

* One of the other good things about the Clashot app is that if you didn’t want to sell your photos but just wanted to build your community and interact with other photographers, there is a simple setting in the Settings area, where you can deselect the option “Allow Sale of My Photos”.

How do I start off?

Download the Clashot app from the Google Play Store, and it is a free app – Link.

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