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Share via GTalk in your Android – Simplest & Smartest App for all GTalk Users

Google PLAY LogoThere are many small things which one has to look for making their Android devices much smarter than ever, so on similar lines we came across with one such app which is called as “GTalk Share” after installing which you can easily share all your content like images, songs and other data directly with the share button. Generally, in Android when you tap on Share option you get the options which include Bluetooth, Google Drive, Wi Fi Direct, Email, SMS etc. but not via Google Talk unfortunately. So, by using this application which is dubbed as “GTalkShare” you get an additional option in Sharing Menu which will be “Google Talk”.


To get started, you will need to start the application from the launcher to set your Gtalk credentials. Afterwards you can test the connection by pressing connect/disconnect. You can download the GTalkShare application for your Android device with the help of below mentioned link. GTalkShare application is available in PLAY Store for FREE and also be rest assured that your password used for setting up the app won’t be leaked as this app uses Android’s token authentication system which doesn’t allow any app to track the password.


There are many more tips and tricks for your Android smartphone and tablet and we will keep you updated with all of the same in the coming days to come. Stay tuned to AndroidAdvices or our Youtube Video Channel for more related videos and content on Android. Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you have any issues in the process of firmware update.

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