Do I need to use Simple Root?

The short answer is no – because you can do the rooting manually when you wish to root your Android device. You can only use Simple Root with one type of phone as well. That phone is the HTC Evo 4G. Some people (probably through lack of knowledge) have stated that they have lost 4G connectivity when rooting this phone. I will venture a guess to say that this is because they have neglected to install another rom when flashing the old one off their phone. However, rooting itself is risky business and you can brick a phone by doing it. Some Android devices have safeguards built into the software to stop people from rooting the phone. It is not impossible to root these devices. However, many smarter people than you have tried and failed – so don’t go out and attempt to root an Android device that has not been rooted before. Well, unless you are a professional hacker with money to spare so that you can buy a new Android device after you brick it.

Rooting an Android device opens up many possibilities. It will allow you to install a new operating system on the device (in the form of a rom). That said, the rom may not have been compiled for that specific device and you might find that some of the features are broken when you install it on the phone. So rooting an Android device can be a mistake for some users. If you become confident in regards to rooting an Android device this is not such a big issue however. You can just reinstall roms until you find one that works and does everything you want it to do. However, this is likely to take a fair bit of trial and error and you might want to clear your schedule in order to test all of the roms available to your device.

Simple Root is great for the HTC Evo 4G because it takes a lot of the effort out of rooting an Android device. It is a single click method of rooting an Android device and saves you from manually typing in a bunch of commands to a terminal. This is also its downfall however because you are not likely to learn how the process works when doing it in such an easy manner. You are essentially getting the root done for nothing and not learning anything in the process. Because rooting an Android device is quite a sophisticated process – to an extent – it is actually worth learning how it works so that you can do it correctly.

You will also need to learn how to install the roms into the memory so that you are not bricking your device and you have the capability to fix anything if something goes wrong. To be honest the process is not all that difficult – but it is in your interest to do a bit of research regarding Android rooting before going out and getting into rooting Android devices.



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