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Sony Ericsson LT28at 13Mp Camera SmartPhone Leaked Specs

Sony Ericsson is in the news again with the leaked specifications of the upcoming 13 Megapixels smart phone. The Phone is actually expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2012 with a 720p screen, AT&T LTE and a screen size of 4.55 Inches. We cannot find any reason why Sony is mainly focussing on camera MP rather than working on the overal form factor and features which are more useful for the consumers and not just the higher quality camera.

If someone is just interested in a high end camera they can just buy a point & shoot camera with 14 or 16MP resolution at just 100$ and use their smart phone for other features it would offer. It has been a trend for Sony & Nokia to focus on the camera aspects which is just one aspect a consumer would look into while buying a new handset. Apart from that the CPU information is not yet available and there are a few sample photos captured from this upcoming phone shown below.

Sony Ericsson LT28at Camera Snaps Sony Ericsson LT28at Camera Snaps Sony Ericsson LT28at Camera Snaps

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