Xperia X Performance

Sony Launches Beta Program & Xperia X Performance Smartphone to get First Android 7.0 Nougat

Sony is always known for keeping the price of its devices on a higher side, compared to other phones that are available with similar hardware specifications. That is why it is unable to compete with other brands in the Indian market. But Sony or Sony Fans may not agree with this, and I totally understand. Today we are talking about Sony’s Xperia X Performance which is getting Android 7.0 Nougat beta version or the developer preview version to be precise while the Nougat is being tweaked and on its way for the final release probably in September or October.

Sony Xperia X Performance

Android in July first week started its “Android Beta Program”, under which interested company can opt-in to offer the beta versions of Android as it releases to the customers through over the air (OTA) update just like Nexus devices get. So now users might get interested in Xperia X Performance because of Android N, as it doesn’t provide much than the Xperia X. Xperia X performance only has an added feature that is NFC, and has a higher processor. Rest are almost same. So why would one go for the Xperia X Performance? Now they have the answer to it.

The Xperia X Performance is the first smartphone from Sony that is going to get Android 7.0 Nougat. Sony is going to release the updates in Europe first. So if you have a Xperia X Performance and want to get the beta version of Android 7 Nougat, you can sign up and enjoy the Nougat much before others. And note that the beta version would be having bugs and little unstable. But you can use it; I tell this because I have been using an unstable version of Android from the last year, and I like it updating periodically and trying out new features.

There is a “Xperia Beta Program” app on the play store if you have a Xperia X variant device you can try it out. The Z3 has also joined the club earlier, but we don’t have any information on that as of now. As we don’t have any information on the final release of the Android N, you can opt for it, or you can try out other options like Nexus, or to be released LG V20. LG V20 is going to be one of the first to come with Android N out of the box. You can also check which smartphones are getting Android Nougat on this list, as we update it continuously. Stay tuned for more information on this.

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