Sony SmartWatch Launched – Pairs with NFC Enabled Android SmartPhones

Sony LogoAfter disassociation with Ericsson, SONY is betting big in 2012 as it now rolled out an all new product offering in the Watch segment dubbed as SmartWatch, this comes after recently Motorola too unveiled a similar product dubbed as Moto Actv. Smart watch is basically a Live View successor and comes with the micro display 128×128 pixels, 1.3” OLED touch display, splash proof screen along with the Bluetooth and also comes with the addon features like accelerometer, vibrating unit etc.

smartwatch bluetooth

SONY SMARTWATCHThe best part of this is that it can store up to a whopping 255 widgets and most of them are capable of interacting with the Android 2.1+ operating version. Gone are the days when we used to call only televisions as well as Mobile phones as smart as from now wrist watches too will be called as “SMART” all thanks to SONY.

The features of Sony SmartWatch are –

  • 8 mm thickness
  • 26 grams watchband
  • Operating range 10 meters
  • Watchband adapter
  • USB charger
  • Multi touch Color OLED display

Availability & Price:

As of now there is no exact date on by which this product will be launched commercially but its speculated to retail at about $149 according to the sources.

Sony SmartWatch has been launched in India on August 21, 2012 at a retail price of Rs 6299.


Smartwatch 2

smart watch 3

smartwatch 4

Smartwatch 5

Smartwatch 6




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