Sony Xperia Z1’s Timeshift Burst App (61 Photos in 2 Seconds) Launched in Play Store – Download

Sony Mobile has released the Xperia Z1’s Timeshift bust Application into the Play Store that will be able to take a burst of 61 frames in just 2 seconds!! Isn’t it exciting? This will be helping the users to get the perfect picture. Once the picture is taken the user has the option of selecting one from the 61 frame which perfectly suits them and then delete the rest or keep them as the user wishes to.

timeshift burst 2

Once you have selected the Timeshift Burst feature in the settings menu of your camera, shooting will begin before you press the shutter. Like the app says, a huge burst of images are quickly taken. This app is now available on the Tablet Z, Xperia Z, ZL and ZQ and it will be coming pre-loaded to the Xperia Z1 which is always applauded for its awesome 20.7 MP camera with Exmor RS sensor.

Many of the Sony old model owners will be disappointed since they didn’t get this app for their device and it unlikely for those models to get this Timeshift Burst feature on to their device. This app has also got a user average rating of 4.7 on 5. In the description of the device in the Google play store it is claimed that this app is perfect for action shots of moving objects.

Easy way to use the Timeshift burst app

  • Start your camera and set it to Timeshift burst mode
  • To capture any scene, just press the camera key
  • 61 thumbnails will show up on your screen
  • Swipe the thumbnail images to move back and forth in time of the burst
  • View all frames in a burst sequence by selecting the Timeshift icon on the lower right hand side of a Timeshift burst photo

So this app is now available for the entire compatible devices and can be downloaded by heading to the Play Store. If you have already installed the app on your device let us know what you feel about the app and users who have not downloaded it, what are you waiting for! Just get it downloaded. Stay tuned for more information and updates.

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