Sorting Contacts with Froyo

One of the neat new features with Android 2.2 (Froyo) is the ability to sort contacts by names. You will have the option to sort contacts by first or last name. While this may sound like a pretty insignificant feature – it is more powerful that it sounds. Some people might have ten Johns in their address book and prefer to remember then via their last name rather than just John. You will now have the ability to sort them all via last name. It will list all last names first and base the order of the names in the list via alphabetical order specific to the entries last name. Pretty handy really – it is also pretty easy to do as well. To do this you just have to follow these steps:

Sorting Contacts with Froyo

1. Go to your address book/contact list and then hit the menu button. It is normally in the middle at the bottom of the phone. It will bring up an array of buttons (six of them to be precise – all with varying functions).

2. Look through and find the display options button out of the new buttons that appear and it will bring up another screen which has a sort list by heading. However, this is dependent on the model of the phone; they may have an array of other functions attributed to this function.

3. Select your preferred display option (either first name, last name or whatever other options are available) and you are done. Go back to your contacts and look at the changes. You should notice that your contact list has now been reordered based upon the settings you have applied.

There are also other options there which allow you to sort contacts depending on certain things such as whether or not they have a phone number attributed to their entry. Many of us store our social networking contacts in our phone and having these options will stop your contact list being cluttered up with contacts that we might not use our phone to call. Alternatively, it can also show the contacts who we only contact via social networking sites or email so we get the best of both worlds with this function. Depending on the phone, the carrier and the manufacturer they may have omitted this function (or broken it) when they have implemented their own flavour of the interface so keep this in mind.

Please keep in mind that this function is not available with earlier versions of the Android operating system. However, you might find that this function has been included with the manufacturers own user interface with earlier versions of the Android interface. It really does depend on the model and manufacturer of the phone. That said (and as previously stated) some manufacturers may not have this implemented in their build of Android 2.2 so it might be a little hit and miss in regards to the version and phone that you are using. You can also look around for an app that does it for you if you can’t seem to find the functionality in your Android.

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