Stretch Images, Shrink or Enlarge Photos & Add Effects with Android App

Text WarpPhoto Warp is an Android app which allows you to do lot more on the photos that you have. For basic photo editing you have got a lot of Android apps but for something different like enlarging some parts of the body in the picture or adding some pounds of fat and lot more to fool the people.

Photo Warp App

With Photo Warp app for Android mobile phones you can be hilarious enough to include the warp tool, pinch and bloat tools to move the pixels towards or away from the center of your brush.  When you are finished with warping up your photos you can then save it on to your phone SD card. This is apps is real quick and provides faster response time.

You can directly go to camera, take picture and open the image in the photo warp for edition or you can load the photo from your phone’s SD card.

Photo Warp Application Photo Warp Application Photo Warp Application

The Photo Warp app comes with the following sets of features –

  • Enlarge any part of the your body so that it looks funny using the pinch and bloat tools
  • You have control on the brush size and thickness
  • Save picture on to your device or SD card.
  • Use any picture from your camera or from the photos stored on your phone.
  • Option included setting the brush size
  • You have full control on the hardness of the brush

Photo Warp App Download

Android Market is the place where you can download all the apps officially and so you can find Photo Warp app by Joker Promotion, file size at 316k and available for free download.

Android Advices Apps Rating : 4 / 5

We gave this rating because we have tested out this app and it does all the work accordingly whatever is mentioned in their description.

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