Comparison: Swype for Android vs. Swype for iOS (Unofficial)

swype logoQ: I got the swype for my iphone and used it. but its nothing good, when comparing with the swype on my galaxy s. isn’t it?

A: Swype for iPhone was launched, but that is an unofficial one having almost the same functionality as of that in the Android. But for someone who is looking for the complete version of the Swype on iPhones, have to wait till the official version is launched by Swype, Inc. and this isn’t going to come in the near future. As of now, we are not at all impressed with the response given by the Swype on the iPhone. But the iOS users can still take the advantage of it if their phones are jailbroken, and they want an alternative which would help in getting the typing in a faster way.

Here is a comparison of the Swype in the Android and of the iOS –

Response of Swype

The Swype response of the iOS one is no where near to that of the Android one. The Android Swype has a differently colored line follow path, and it would capitalize the text if you swipe the finger above the keyboard while still typing the word. But iPhone Swype is simple, non suggestive and needs a slower swiping of finger for a correct response of what you typed.

Swype word suggestion

Not any letters make just one word. There are many words which can be made by the keys beside the one you select, or you might have slipped on to the next key while swiping the finger. Sometimes the recognition becomes hard, thanks to the countless number of words in English. So if the letters swiped have more than a word match, it would suggest a list of words you need to select the correct one from. For example, typing on hello would sometime suggest Hello, Hero, Jello etc. This is a feature available in Android Swype but not in the iOS Swype.

swype suggestions

Automatic spacing in Android Swype

This is an advantage of the Swype, which we might be seeing in the iOS official version later on. But as of now, Android rocks with the automatic spacing where you keep typing the words and the space between the words is automatically set, until you hit backspace to cancel a space. The time is wasted in the iPhone swype with manual hitting of the space bar after every word typed.

Deleting entire word at once

The deletion of an entire word rather than each character individually, is actually a feature of the Android OS keypad which was ported to the Swype keypad too. A 10-character word to be deleted, the iOS keypad would want you to hit the backspace 10 times to delete the word, but a long press of backspace in the Swype keypad of Android would delete the entire word. An addition to save more time.

Dedicated Swype keypad in Android

On the Android phone, you can switch between the normal keypad and the Swype keypad whenever you want to type the way you want, but the iPhone keypad gets the Swype in the default keypad, so it annoys sometimes when you are typing fast with the normal key entering, and suddenly the Swype tries to join them and make a word of its own.

Here is a video of the comparison of Swype we did between both the OS –

This comparison would surely show the Android Swype as the better one, as the iOS one is not an official app and unlike the Android Swype, the iOS one doesn’t have any settings page for the Swype. We would be comparing the official versions later, some day, when Swype Inc. releases the Swype for the iPhone and iPad.

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