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Sync Mate Application To Sync Android Devices with Mac – Pro License Giveaway

There are rarely any good products that would do the job of syncing content between a Mac and an Android phone, and SyncMate does the job in a brilliant way. There are two types of accounts on SyncMate: Free and Expert. It is obvious that Expert plan gives the maximum options, and lets the user organize folders, Mount Disk, AutoSync, Sync even iTunes library and these are not available on the Free version, still the free edition does the job of syncing the calendar entries and contacts, and all of this is done in the background as well.

You need to install two tools, one in each OS. There is a free SyncMate app available for Mac, and the app for Android devices is also available for free on Play Store. You get to see three options – USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and it is wise to choose Wi-Fi as the connection option because sometimes when you wanted to talk on the phone, the connection doesn’t go off.

SyncMate Choose Connection

It is not just with the Android devices, but SyncMate on Mac can connect with iOS devices, Another Mac, a mounted device, Google account, Dropbox, iCloud and an MTP device. Select, and then you will be able to enter the IP address specified on the Android phone.

SyncMate Add Device

Once the device is connected successfully, you will be able to see the tabs on the top, where SMS, Calendar and Contacts are placed by default, but for the Expert user, there are options to add more tabs, i.e. plugins like Calls, Folders, Safari Bookmarks, iPhoto and iTunes library.

SyncMate Android Connected

SyncMate Plugins

Under the menu, “Sync All” option syncs all the data together, between both the devices. And just below to that, is the option to turn the AutoSync ON, so that you don’t have to manually try and sync the devices.

SyncMate Sync Options

SyncMate Syncing

SyncMate indeed is one of the perfect worthy tools to use, if a user wants to sync data between two devices, especially between Android and Mac OS. Here are Android Advices we want to give you 10 Licenses of this Paid application for which you will have to go through the few steps mentioned below.

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Earlier Published:

SyncMateIf you are an Google as well as an Apple fan and suppose have both a Mac as well as an Android then you might think that there’s no way that one can sync Android with Mac, but thankfully in a world of third party applications our lives are made much more simpler and easier by these. So, let’s check out one such application which is termed as Sync Mate application which will enable you to sync all of your Android content with the Apple Mac. With a neat and simple overall interface, you will never search for the controls . Sync these days is a very useful thing to experience as if suppose you add an event in the Google Calendar on your desktop then it will show up on your Android or the vice versa and the same thing applies for the contacts too via the Gmail. But what if you have other desktops like Mac which are non-windows based computers? And so here arrives the Sync Mate to the rescue.

After downloading and installing the Sync Mate, you will see that the interface looks neat and very simple as it’s shown below with all major controls right on the dashboard of the application Sync mate and as soon as you plug in your Android phone, you will get host of options active as with which you will be able to Sync the contacts, iCal, Safari bookmarks, photos, iTunes, Videos and also you can sync other folders too with a neat, simple and intuitive interface. Adding to the list on the left pane, you will also get the options like Auto Sync, SMS reader as well as SMS Manager, Calls history and also you can manage the connection settings as shown in the below snapshot of the dashboard.


If you look at the features which Sync Mate comes with are,


All you need to make use of this contacts option then you will have to select the option to sync the address book contacts to sync from Mac to your Android. So, either from your Mac or from your Android phone, you can make use of sync to sync from either ways. Adding to the list of convenience, you also have an option to sync the selected groups if there are any listed.


Just like Google’s calendar, you have iCal which manages all the calendar items so that you can sync between them from your Android or from your Mac with which you can easily sync both iCal as well as the Google Calendar.

Safari Bookmarks:

Managing Bookmarks sometimes becomes very difficult and if the bookmarks are more then managing them becomes very difficult, so with this Sync Mate just select the bookmarks from your Safari and then you will be easily able to sync all the bookmarks.

iTunes and iPhotos:

If you are thinking that Syncing stops here with the contacts and the calendar items then you got to have a thought on that as with a neat and simple interface for all the syncing items consisting of songs as well as the photos, all you need to do is to select the contents which you wish to sync and there you go you can sync all your playlist as well as all your photos very easily.


All the local folders which are there in your Android phone can be synced very easily as with the help of static folders you can simply and easily drag and drop the contents which you wish to, the best part of this is this that Syncing folders is the best sync options available and also the folder sync options are easy to do.

There are two versions of the Sync Mate, one is the free version and another version is the expert edition. In the free version you get 50 MB of free maximum space whereas in the expert mode you get a space of 200 MB and also additionally you can auto sync your data with all the possible supported device and can also benefit from the encryption of data in the expert option. The expert mode comes with the price tag of 40$. App Rating – 4/5

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