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Tablets Prices – Motorola XOOM, ASUS EEEPAD, LG Optimus Pad & Acer Iconia A100

android logoIf you are the one who is looking for buying the tablets then we will tell you about what are the prices of the four most popular tablets which takes the lead in Android space. Honeycomb which is the newest and the latest release from the Android’s table which is termed as the version 3.0 and needs a minimum of above 1 GHz of processing speed and most of them comes fitted with the Tegra 2 dual core processors which comes in Motorola’s Xoom tablets which has been an official flagship release from none other than Google’s Android of Honeycomb 3.0 version. Though one of the tablet which is Motorola Xoom is launched in some parts of the World there are 3 more tablets which are Asus’s EePad, LG Optimus Pad and also the Acer Iconica A100 which sports the latest Android’s Honeycomb version.
Motorola Xoom Logo
So, let’s check out on what are the prices of the four tablets namely Motorola Xoom, Asus EePad, LG Optimus Pad and also the Acer Iconica A100 in the below table:

Tablet Name All inclusive Rate
Motorola Xoom 800$
ASUS EePad 550$
LG Optimus Pad 999$
Acer Iconica A100 599$

While there are many more Android’s Honeycomb powered tablets which will be coming up very soon in the Market as the year has just begun. There are more future versions of Android which are still to come in the near time.



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