Galaxy S I9000

How to Tether Galaxy S I9000 as a WiFi Hotspot

Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 is the record breaking Android handset which setup the trend of what called Samsung Galaxy series. Still Samsung continues the Samsung Galaxy series and it has also launched Galaxy S II mobile phone which the successor of Galaxy S. Also Galaxy Note it’s their upcoming handset which combines smart phone functionalists and providing tablet viewing experience. Anyways coming to Samsung Galaxy S I9000 phone there are many features in this mobile handset. One such feature which we are going to discuss here is about the using your Galaxy S I9000 as a Wi-Fi hotspot i.e., using it as wireless portable router to provide internet access to Wi-Fi enable devices.

The Android operating system by Google brings the new feature of Wi-Fi tethering to all the handset which runs on Android 2.2 Froyo and higher version. Considering the fact that Wi-Fi tethering is in early stage, technology by time would make it possible to serve it better.

Some carrier locked mobile phone charge data charges whenever someone uses your network. But if you have Wi-Fi network then Wi-Fi hotspot can be a very good options. Remember that if you are using 3G then you would be charged accordingly for the whole data usage by your network users in total.

Tethering Galaxy S I9000 as a WiFi Hotspot

Tethering Galaxy S I9000 to create it as the router is very easy. The below procedure would help you out how you would do it.

As always you need to go to Menu and then ‘Settings’.

Among the various options you need to select “Wireless and network”. Here you can manage your wireless network like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other settings.Wireless network

Now search out and tap on “Tethering and portable hotspot” which is the option to share your phone mobile data connections as a portable hotspot.

Click OK on the confirmation.PromptThe next you would be provided with the option of USB tethering and portable hotspot tethering. Click on Mobile AP.Mobile AP

It will ask you to provide the Network SSID i.e., the name of the network.Network SSIDYou get your confirmation as shown on the picture above.

Your Wi-Fi hotspot is ON now for usage. But to secure your Wi-Fi hotspot you need to tap on Mobile AP and then you get the option of “Configure mobile AP” which will prompt you for options of security like WPA2 PSK where in you would be required to provide password. Now password is required for the users to access your network and without password the Wi-Fi wouldn’t working on his mobile phone.SecurityLimitations of Wi-Fi Hotspot in Galaxy S phone

The Wi-Fi hotspot on Galaxy S phone consumes more battery and it’s the highest power draining components. So when the Wi-Fi hotspot is ON make sure you have USB cable nearby to charge it up. Also other limitations of using it has Wi-Fi router, it has limited area of reception which is less than the normal wireless router.



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