Tether Sony Tablet to Xperia Phone using Xperia Link App

Sony isn’t just into tablet and smart phone launches but it cares for its consumers and this is why we see not many but few dedicated apps available for Sony powered devices. One such app launched recently is Xperia Link officially by Sony Corporation. This application allows the user to easily tether your Sony tablet with your Xperia smart phone for mutual sharing of internet connection. Now when we say about tethering you might ask a question that by default Android includes Wi Fi tethering and Bluetooth tethering in all of their devices (Android 2.2 Froyo and higher including the latest model) but are there any advantages of using it over the stock Android options?Xpria Link App

As you know that Xperia Link app allows you to connect to internet from your tablet using the internet of the phone. So once you have installed this, you can remotely turn on and off the tethering function of your phone just like normal tethering you do. The important advantage of using Xperia Link over the stock Android option is that your device connects to the internet although when an Wi Fi isn’t available but this should require Bluetooth to be turned on both of the device while you are using the internet.Xpria Link App app

This app supports the Xperia Android smart phones with Android 2.3 and later also including the Jelly Bean OS. This works brilliantly on Xperia S phone and Sony Xperia Tablet S but not the recent Sony tablet S doesn’t support. For the new Sony tablets, it will come pre installed on the device itself from now as the bloatware.Xpria Link App tablet

Xperia Link Download

Xperia Link is available for download officially via the Google Play Store. If you are right now on your tablet then you can directly download it from the link here or else search in Play store.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4 /5

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