Tomi File Manager for Android – App for Managing Files with File Types, Root File Explorer

Everyone wants a file manager which is intelligent enough to categorize files and shows them so that there is no need to manually look for something in particular. And to solve the purpose, there are just a few apps although the standard file management is possible through many apps available on the Google Play Store. Tomi File Manager is one of the applications for Android, which would categorize the files into different folders based on the file types, i.e. music, videos, documents etc. and this makes it easier for the user to search for a file in the particular file type, rather than going through the folders and searching for it.

Tomi File Manager App 1

Generally if a user wants an access to the root file system, such as the data files, the access to edit or delete the pre-installed applications on the phone or modify the files with full permissions, that is possible with only the Android phone rooting process. But the Tomi File Manager comes with all the root explorer features, and one doesn’t have to do anything else than installing this app to get the access to the files which are not available normally. Moreover, you could uninstall the bloatware apps which come pre-installed in the device, and which you feel are unnecessary.

Full Directory Explorer

There is a separate explorer for the full directory, just like one would see in most of the file manager apps. Swipe up from bottom in the Tomi File Manager and you would be able to explore the file directory, where you can manage both, the internal storage as well as the external SD card. You can rename the folder, copy or delete them and files within the folder. The user can choose to open the various root folders, i.e. SD card, Extras folder, Root folder etc.

Tomi File Manager App 3

The features of Tomi File Manager include:

  • Music Manager: The music files are sorted based on songs, albums, artists and years. One could play the music and copy, paste the music file to the target folder. Easy way to search for the music files, and copy, delete and share right from the file manager.
  • Picture Manager: Similar to the music manager, where you could tap on the picture to preview it, and copy the photo to target folder. The user can share the photo to the third party apps, and right from the picture manager, one could jump to the folder where the picture is located.
  • Video Manager: Videos are displayed on the timeline based on the shooting date, and these can be uploaded to the apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox etc. The other options include copying, deleting, tapping to play the video.
  • Document Manager: The documents of the same type are listed in a same place, and the supported file types are PDF, Office Word, Office Excel, Office PowerPoint, Text, etc. The documents can be managed in folders, shared, copied or deleted.
  • Application Manager: One can choose to delete the apps one by one, or in a bulk, and there is easy access available to the details of the app. You get to delete even the apps which are pre-installed, apart from the ones which you downloaded and installed.

Tomi File Manager App 2

Overall, the Tomi File Manager is a pretty neat and easy to use app for managing the files in the Android phones, especially for those who don’t have the inbuilt file manager app, which is usually seen in the flagship phones. Moreover, it is a free app and you are getting all the good without having to pay anything.

Download Tomi File Manager for Android – Get it on Google Play

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