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Track Radiation Emitted During Phone Calls on Android with Tawkon App

With the rise of health concerns users are directed to purchase phones with low radiation and manufacturers are advised to mention it on the data sheet. We hear that Samsung Galaxy S III will be spotted with the low radiation levels emitted from a handsets? So what does this radiation level mean? This is generally counted via the SAR value which is the measure of radiations emitted by phone during phone calls, during headset connection and during the speaker usage.


Tawkon is a dedicated Android application which presents you’re the report on radiation emitted by your phone during the various activities that you do on your smartphone.

How Tawkon Works?

Cell phones are used to provide wireless communication from any location. Information is transmitted from one phone to another through base stations and the phone connects to base stations sending various levels of radiation intensity and generating high frequency electromagnetic fields. Its observed that level of radiation emitted by a particular handset is higher when you are close to the phone’s antenna and its less when you farer from the phone.Tawkon Working

Tawkon is the source which calculates various validated data of your phone like network connection, band GSM, UMTS, channel, signal strength, channel strength, distance from the cell phone tower and lot more.

As soon as you install this application on your mobile phone and run it, you will be directed to introduction guide when in you will see walk through to Tawkon application. During this introduction you will see walk through weekly reports to monitor your progress, so mention your email ID and proceed further through.Tawkon App

Now accept the terms and conditions. The setup is done.Tawkon Setup

Tawkon exposure is the home screen of the application where in you will see radiation exposure measures during the phone calls, headset usage or in the speaker usage. On a test of 4 minutes talk on a single phone, on Samsung Galaxy S II I got the result as low exposure for 1 minutes and high exposure for 3 minutes. Just besides the high exposure, you have the option to fix the solution of high exposure. For me it says “Convert the high exposure minutes to low exposure using a speaker or headset when tawkon alerts you.”Tawkon High radiation

In the next tab of My Friends you have the option to add friends of contacts existing on your phone.

Similarly in the next tab you can add friends as well.Tawkon Friends

When you tap on Menu, you have the option of Settings, About, Alert, Profile, Help and Legal.Tawkon Settings

This application was rejected by Apple in their inclusion of iOS applications and we think that there is some specific reason for non approval. Good to see this application available for 51 % of the mobile user operating system i.e., Android at Google Play Store.

Tawkon Android App Download

Tawkon Android can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of Tawkon application and then click on the install button to automatically download it.

Alternatively, one can easily download this application by following the QR code given below –

tawkon qr code

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.5 / 5

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