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TrackID – Best Music Recognition App to Find Track & Artist Information on Android

If you hear a song playing around you and are not able to recognize what it is, we nowadays have lots of Android apps for it which recognize the song along with more details like the Album, Artist etc. While you might have heard of apps like Shazam, SoundCloud etc, TrackID from Sony is one of the best music recognition apps available on the Android platform.

TrackID is from Sony and is pre-installed on all Sony Xperia range of phones. All other Android phones can download TrackID from the Play Store here .

The TrackID app has a great user interface with a big button in the centre, making it clear and easy for the user to use it for just what the app is designed for. By clicking the record button, the app records the music from the nearby source using the phone’s microphone.


As long as your Android phone is connected to the internet via EDGE/3G or WiFi, the TrackID app will be able to search the internet for the song you had recorded and requested details about. As soon as the song is found, it displays the song with more information such as the artist, album, track details etc

Other options in the TrackID app include personalized Artist info and Album Art depending on the song and its availability of extra details. The TrackID app also has download and purchasing options which one can use to purchase or download the song they had just scanned making it quick and easy for them to get that song on their phone.
The TrackID app also has share options which displays the standard Android menu of all the share options that are available on various apps. TrackID is very accurate and displays the exact song and its corresponding details even if there are two songs which are closely related with each other, having a similar tune.
The TrackID app is a must download for those Audiophiles who spend a lot of their time on their Android smartphones listening and exploring music. For the others, the TrackID makes a good app to try and find your favorite songs on the go. It can be downloaded from the Play Store here .


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