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How to transfer Contacts, SMS, Photos & Files from Android Phone to Sony Xperia Mobile

Mobiles phones have become the lifeline in everyone’s life these days and some valuable data is being stored in everyone’s device ranging from Credit and Debit Cards details, Photos and Videos, Documents, Calendar, Bookmarks and Notes. The importance of Cloud Back-up is also increasing because people do not want to loose any data from their devices. And in case you have got a new Sony Xperia device you can transfer all the above mentioned data into it from your earlier Android or iOS Apple device.

And here we are going to show you a simple way to transfer your all important data from your Android or iOS device to Sony Xperia Smartphones:

  1. You have to install a free APP called Xperia Transfer Mobile on both your devices the new Xperia Smartphone and also the OLD phone from which you want to transfer the data (Play Store Link)
  2. With this app you can transfer Contacts, Calendar, SMS, MMS, Bookmarks, Notes, Photos, Music, Videos and Apps (only from iPhone)
  3. After installing the app on both devices you have to Pair the devices together either by entering the PIN and in case you have NFC you can tap both the devices together to initiate the transfer process.
  4. Select the Old Device – iPhone or Android phoneHow to transfer data and content from old to new xperia smartphones
  5. Select the Data which you want to transfer to your new Xperia device like the Bookmarks, Photo, Music, Video and then Start Transfer.How to transfer data from old to new xperia smartphones
  6. In case of Apple iPhone you have to connect your devices with the wire provided by Sony in the Xperia box or you can even choose to transfer it through WiFi like in android devices.
  7. In case of Android devices WiFi Direct needs to be activated to start the transfer

Note: Data which is present on your device will be transferred and the data synced with online services will not be transferred with this App.

Devices Supported:

  • Old Phone: Android 4.0 and later, iOS 4.0 and later
  • New Phone: Android Jelly Bean 4.3 and later

Make sure that you recheck that all your important data is transferred properly to your new Xperia Smartphone before deleting the data from your old phone as sometimes some data will not be transferred due to certain restrictions and errors.

In case you want to transfer any data between any phone and your Xperia device you can use this app to transfer stuff like Videos, Music etc faster than through Bluetooth, but the only problem is that you cannot select any photos or videos separately and all the photos and videos will be sent.

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