Tweaking Haptic Feedback on the Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S is a great Android phone with more capabilities than it really needs. One of these features is haptic feedback. Pretty much everything you do with the Samsung Galaxy S has haptic feedback associated with it. Haptic feedback is the vibration that the phone does every time you do something with it. For instance, when you scroll through your contact list it vibrates or when you click on something in the menu it vibrates. Both of these things are haptic feedback. It is really up to the individual when they consider how useful it really is. It annoys some people and others love it. I am sitting on the fence about it. It doesn’t really wow me at all but I don’t mind it. I actually turn it off to save battery power rather than it being an annoyance. For those of us who hate it and wish that it was never implemented there is a pretty easy way to turn it off. If you find that it is too much and just want to turn down the amount of vibration (or feel it is not enough and want to ramp it up) then you can also tweak the amount of vibration to your desired setting.

Tweaking Haptic Feedback on the Samsung Galaxy

To get to the options regarding haptic feedback start by pressing the menu button (the button down the bottom of your phone to the far left – it looks like a rectangle with a line in the middle). That should bring up a selection of six more buttons. From here press the settings button. It is hard to miss; it has a big cog on it and also has settings written on it. Now you are in the general phone settings. You will have a big list of options available but don’t freak out. From here you hit the sound and display button. It has an icon of a speaker on it. Now you will need to scroll through the next list of options until you find the haptic feed back option. It will probably have a big green tick in the check box next to the text. If you want to turn it off, remove the tick from the check box. If it doesn’t have a tick in it and you want to turn haptic feedback on then you will need to put a tick in the check box.

There you go; haptic feedback is off (or on depending on what you want to do). Directly underneath that option is an option for the vibtation intensity. This is where you set the vibration levels for the haptic feedback. If you just want to tweak the amount of vibration, hit that option and fiddle around with the vibration until it feels just right. Please note – that this will not have an effect on the vibration during calls or notifications. Haptic feedback is only relevant to the vibration feedback given when you are going through the options and menu via the touch screen. There is another set of settings for notification and call vibration.



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