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tweetdeck androidRecently, Android phones saw the entry of Adobe AIR platform to their operating system, and so was expected the launch of applications that could be supported by the AIR platform. Here comes the first twitter application running on Adobe AIR, for Android – Tweetdeck.

There was a public beta version a month back, and around 36000 beta testers had joined it, and helped build the public release version which finally came in. The tweetdeck app doesn’t just help you tweet, but also can help you update Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz. The interface has been made such that it suits all the android based mobile interfaces and the columns, colors are all well blended.

Just login through the tweetdeck account and all your social media accounts get synced. To download Tweetdeck in your android phone, search for “TweetDeck” in Android market, or follow this link.

Or just use the barcode reader and open using this barcode –
tweetdeck android barcode

Check the video for the features and info on how to use the Tweetdeck app for Android –

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