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How To Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with Simply Honey 5.0 Custom ROM Firmware

Samsung Galaxy LogoFor all those who are in love with the custom ROMs and have the Samsung’s Galaxy S GT I9000 phone can now breathe easy as not only its Gingerbread 2.3.5 launched for your phone in the form of XXJVS but also there’s a new custom ROM which is named as “Simply Honey”. This all new custom ROM is not only very visually appealing but is also a firmware which comes with no errors like force close errors. This firmware also comes along with a host of other benefits which we will be seeing in the due course of this article.

This all new Simply Honey 5.0 firmware comes along with a host of other benefits which are mentioned below and also are mentioned in the due course of this article.

Pre Requisites for the one’s on Custom ROM Firmwares:

  • You will have to first get into the recovery mode and then you need to choose the options like Wipe Cache partition after which you need to reboot your device by selecting reboot system now. As soon as you do so, all the cache files and the custom ROM specific files are erased completely after which it will now become safe to proceed with the instructions to apply this Simply Honey ROM.
  • Additionally, you will also need to clear the dalvik cache from the recovery mode which then clears up all the raw cache content of that particular firmware file.

CAUTION: This update of Simply Honey is solely / Strictly for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 handset and for no other similar handsets. If you still go ahead to apply this on your I900T/B or for your Captivate, Mesmerize etc. then you may completely brick the phone or some of the keys won’t work.

  • Just in case if any of the Voodoo components are installed in your phone then you will have to ensure that all of these are removed from the recovery mode. If you are unable to remove the Voodoo lag fix then you need to disable the same from the recovery.
  • The above procedure is very important because generally in the process of Voodoo, the file system is changed to the EXT4 from the RFS, since the new firmware will be converting the file system for which it will require the Voodoo to be disabled.
  • The best part of this firmware is that anyone who has the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 can proceed to apply this update of Simply Honey easily as all you will need to do is to simply follow the procedure which is mentioned below or else there is a high probability that you may end up bricking up the phone. Any one from any part of the Globe can follow the procedure to apply this update of Simply Honey custom ROM.

Supporting Languages: English, Greek, Suomi, Russian, Korean, Espanol, Deutsch, Irish, Turkce, Nederlands, Kazak, Francais etc. It doesn’t support Arabic as of now but a patch is there to add the language which we will see over the coming days.

Rooting Information:
In the due course of the firmware application, the phone will be rooted and once the phone is rooted the warranty will get void. The only way you can revoke the root access is by applying any of the Stock ROM like XXJVS 2.3.5, XXJVP/Q/R 2.3.4 or from any other version.

Note : For your convenience, we have broken this article into different pages, so ensure that you go through every single page which is there in this article to successfully update the firmware on your phone.

Enhancements and Screenshots:

  • All T9 Dictionaries
  • Aldiko eBook
  • MIUI Music
  • Polaris Office
  • MagicSmoke LWP
  • Social Hub
  • Program Monitor Widget
  • Voice Dialer, Recorder and Search
  • Flash Player 10.3
  • Battery History App
  • Gingerbread Launcher
  • Fancy Widgets (new!)
  • Advanced Task Killer
  • WindMill LWP
  • Home Switcher

The best part of this all new version of Simply Honey is that it also comes along with the visually appealing color scheme which is shown in the below screenshots.

Simply Honey 1Simply Honey 2Simply Honey AppsSimply Honey Dialer Simply Honey Market Simply Honey Version

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