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How to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with XXKPA ICS Android 4.0.3 Firmware

Ice Cream Sandwich LogoFor all the users of Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100, here comes an all new update of ice Cream Sandwich which is dubbed as Android 4.0.3 XXKPA. This update comes just in time after an official announcement from Samsung Electronics that it will be rolling out an Official ICS Android 4.0 update for Samsung Galaxy S2. So, let’s check out the same in the due course of the article. Please be informed that this update is not an official update released by Samsung Electronics and also we don’t have any rough dates on by when this official update will arrive.

Advisory: This update should not be applied to the phones which are NETWORK LOCKED DEVICES, if you still continue to update your phone then we cannot guarantee on the consequences.

Note: This update is not for the users of I9100G, the model number should be I9100 only which you can find by dialing *#1234# in your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100.

Disclaimer: Please note that this process of firmware update is not recommended for the basic users and is only recommended for the advanced users. Also, we should not be held responsible for any damage happened to your device in any manner after applying this update.


Rooting Information:

  • Please note that if you apply this firmware then it doesn’t mean that the phone is rooted.
  • If you have rooted your device then after applying this firmware, the rooting access will be revoked.

Keeping it simple, you first need to follow the List of Pre Requisites which are mentioned in the corresponding list so as to ensure that the device is updated safely and securely without data loss etc.

Improvements Compared to Other ICS Android 4.0.x Builds:

  • Touch Response is better than ever,
  • Over all UI is faster and smoother,
  • Battery life is better than all other previous builds,
  • Firmware is much more stable and crashes less than compared to other versions,

Quick Info: This firmware still has some bugs which are minor though but will be solved in the coming versions which will be rolling out soon. Just in case if you encounter with any of the bugs then all you need to do is to just report the same in the comments section as we will pass the same to the developer of this firmware.

Assuming that you have followed all the instructions mentioned in the above page you need to lets head to the procedure which is mentioned in the next page.

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