Why using Waterproof Phones makes sense for Better Lifestyle

We give a weird look at someone if they are using their wet hand to open the public restroom door, but tend to ignore the fact that the phone we carry, has way more germs than the person’s hand might have. It was already a known fact that phones have 18 times more bacteria than a restroom has, but there’s something more shocking to know too.

According to London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and Queen Mary, University of London, a shocking 92% of all phones have bacteria on them, a higher percentage than people’s hands, whose number accounted to 82%. Source: LSHTM

Yes, you might also be shocked that 82% is no less a number for people’s hands to carry bacteria, because many don’t wash their hand properly after using the toilet, but isn’t that the same reason why so big percentage of phones carry bacteria? We do not wash out phones, because we cannot wash our phones. Most cannot resist water splashes as well.

In general, whenever I asked people on how they try to keep themselves healthy with so many phones around, here’s a few things I hear.

  • I keep my phone at least 10 feet away while going to sleep every night
  • I turn my phone status to Flight mode while sleeping
  • I bought alcohol cleaner specially to clean my phone
  • I buy a phone based on SAR rating, with a low score winning

Frankly, these are good ways to protect yourself from the harmful radiations even when you aren’t using the phone, and even to remove germs using alcohol, but they aren’t enough. And regards to SAR rating, it is good to do that but that is only for the radiations, nothing to do with the coating on the phone that houses bacterial colonies.

Bacteria on PhoneThis gets even more serious if you are someone working at hospitals, or at any public places, where there are a lot of hands switching goods, working on blood-related stuff, and that’s where the contamination of bacteria is even quicker.

You take enough precautions for yourself, by wearing masks and gloves, but the phone isn’t getting the same attention. And it does enough to gather all kinds of bacteria and micro-organism that breed well because of the warm nature of the batteries of the phones.

A proper cleaning of our hands is done using water, right? Why don’t we apply the same method to our phones and rigorously wash it using water? Obvious, because many of these smartphones aren’t water proof. But the other side of the point – There are waterproof phones which you might want to use if you are very much concerned about health.

According to Dr. Michael Schmidt, professor and vice chairman of microbiology and immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina, “It’s really problematic because a lot of manufacturers don’t tell you what coating is on the phone,” “It’s hard to tell if an alcohol wipe will strip the oil-repellant coating and damage the phone screen.” Source: WSJ

Apple, Blackberry, and several brands running Android OS, have no clear indications on what to use for cleaning the screen, but do recommend against using alcohol, household cleaners, window cleaners and such. Ultimately, there is no solution because most of these cleaners slowly damage the coating on the screen.

Sony Xperia

So, what’s the solution? Again, use waterproof phones. Cleaning a phone might seem weird initially, if you haven’t done it before. Because, most of the phone brands have not given you such an option to do so. Even some water spillage due to rain might want you to end up at service centre, but if the phone is waterproof, you could wash it properly to keep it free from the germs that can lead to infections, acne and a lot more.

Your kid accidentally used his hands filled with cake while taking photos of you munching one at a party? you might clean it properly with tissues, but a greasy layer doesn’t go. That is where bacteria breeds rapidly. Washing makes a whole lot of difference.

Now that you know the facts, you know the solution as well. Dirty phones lead to bad lifestyle. Not able to wash them, leads to worse.

Pic source: Theoatmeal



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