Wirelessly Manage Android Device from Browser & Control Photos Music

It always bit time consuming to look up for the USB cable if you are looking for the recent photos that you have taken on your phone or looking to transfer the video that you record on the go. Importantly the videos file via Bluetooth is time consuming.

AirDroid is an Android application which allows users to wirelessly manage and control your Android smartphone from any web browser and that too over the air. There is nothing much to explain the application interface seen on your phone as everything related to Air Droid is the web interface only.

Air Droid Android app

So you can enjoy the best features after installation of Air Droid at your comfort through any web browser on your devices to get access to files for easy transfer between devices and computer, read SMS, send SMS, delete SMS, application install, application backup and application batch processing, photo preview, delete, import, export, contacts managing, music playback and ringtones settings.

More than that Air Droid allows the following features like Real time ROM, CPU, RAM, sd card, battery status report and monitor.

How to get Wireless Access to your Android Device Files

To get the wireless access of your Android device from your desktop, follow the instructions mentioned below –

  • Open the AirDroid application on your mobile phone and then click on the Start button to generate a URL address by which you can access it in your browser.Air Droid App
  • Once you open the provided URL in you’re your browser and hit enter, you will be asked to provide the password to access those files. The password is also mentioned in the AirDroid where you have obtained URL.Air Droid App Files
  • Once you provide the password you are on the go with the files over the air.
  • Going through the web interface, I can say you that its fast, quicker and better enough. On the right side you see your smartphone details and on the left side you see the options of Message, Music, Apps, Ringtones, Files, Contacts, Market and Photos.AirDroid Web
  • The good thing is you can send SMS directly from the web interface as well. Not only that you can get the Contact info, Call logs, messages updates and lot more happening live on your phone is sync directly on the web URL of Air Droid. The contact lists appears like your Google Talk list.Aird Droid Web files
  • The music library allows you to play, delete, Export and Set as ringtone, notification ringtone, alarm ringtone on the web interface only. You can multi select the files and have a go with them. You can also import the files from your desktop to your device and that’s pretty good to avoid a USB connection and then transfer the files.Air Droid SMS
  • The photos too can be easily accessed from the Photo icon located on the left.
  • Now when you tap on the exist button on your phone in the application or sign off in the web interface you are off the Air Droid application.

To make Air Droid work, you need to only make sure that your smartphone and the device that you are accessing are in the same Wi Fi network. Air Droid is compatible with all the Android smartphones regardless of the manufacturer which has atleast Android 2.1 Eclair OS.

AirDroid Android App Download

AirDroid Android application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of the Air Droid application and then click on the install button to automatically proceed with the installation.

Alternatively you can install this application by scanning the QR code shown below. You need to scan the QR code using the bar code reading application on your mobile phone and then install the app –

Air Droid QR Code

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.5 / 5



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