4 Steps to Fix Android Device Not Booting Error

Are on you on the web to find a fix for the biggest problem with your mobile i.e., your phone is not booting up properly and it has chosen to take vacation. Well the situation isn’t funny and troubleshooting with primary thing which you should do first before coming to a conclusion of handing it for repair.

The problem can be related to corrupt Android OS or bad hardware or by the use of errant app. Here are the basic steps you can follow if your Android phone doesn’t turn up.

Reinsert Battery

For all the devices if your phone doesn’t start, then you should remove the battery from your mobile phone and leave it out for atleast 10 seconds. Don’t try to remove battery from the phones which doesn’t provide the option to remove it. Reinstall the battery on to your phone and see if that fixes the issue or not. This step doesn’t seems to be logical but it does work for almost to 50 % of the phone battery problems.Remove battery

Remove Hardware

Sometimes due to hardware you might not be able boot your PC. So if you have SD card or any other item plugged into your device then unplug the same. Check it out if that solves the problem on your phone.

Power Issues

If you find that your phone is not turning on all the time, then there might not be enough power to turn on the device as there is a minimum rating of power required to make the device turn ON. If you battery doesn’t have sufficient power then it’s clear that it will not turn ON and you should plugin the power adapter to your device to charge the battery. It’s not recommended to use the connection to a computer or any other device as its not sufficient to power the devices. Many users make use of USB port to meet their power requirement of the phone but in this case where there is very much less battery this will not work out.

Another issue which might come is that the battery is old now and it gone faulty. The only solution to such problem is to replace with a new battery or to test it borrow battery from a friend which uses the same device.

Hard Reset

If you have tried all the above mentioned steps here and still couldn’t find a fix then is the time you wants to reset your device which is the last resort of troubleshooting at home. But before you do the hard reset on your phone let me tell you that it will erase all the data from your phone memory. There is usually a provision provided to go with the hardware reset of your phone before the phone loads. Go through your manual for any specific instructions and get your phone into the recovery mode. For most of the phone it’s the combination of Volume up button and the power button. For Samsung phones you need to long press on the Volume up key along with holding power button you need to press the menu button too. Once you are in the recovery mode you need to click on Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Clear Cache.

Recovery Mode

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