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How to Batch Share Android Apps via Bluetooth, Email & Dropbox

It’s ideally a hard task to prepare the list of apps that you are using on your Android mobile phone. It’s the apps are paid one, I would usually be using fewer apps but around 80 % of apps on Android market makes me attracted to test those apps, use it for my purpose thus I have more than 30 apps running on my Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile. Yeah! I know running those many apps make my mobile slower.

It’s practically hard to manually save those apps links and name on piece of paper or in a document. I was lucky to find MyAppSharer app on Android Apps Labs which usually is meant for share the apps which are installed on your Android mobile. Now using this app I would be able to share with my friends and colleagues the direct link of Android Market or the APK apps full package.

You can ask, how would you share those apps with your friends? It was quite surprised with the sharing options covered by MyAppSharer app. You can share the apps by message, email, Gmail, Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, QR code, etc.,.

Here is how to use the MyAppSharer App on your mobile phone –

  1. Visit Android Apps Labs, the best source to get rid of unwanted & low matured Market apps and install MyAppSharer. This app is available for free download.
  2. Launch the program once the installation is done after download.
  3. Here we are with the MyAppSharer home, simple to understand.MyAppSharer
  4. It would have the list of apps installed on your mobile along with uncheck, check option. The twist is select the apps which you want to share with your friends. I select all the apps to create a backup list of apps that I love on my mobile and emailed it to my mail ID.MyAppSharer
  5. As soon as you select those files and hit the Share button you would get a list of options to share those apps. Choose any method to share the apps. Here I have used the method of Barcode scanner as an example.MyAppSharer
  6. Now, if I email that to my personal ID for backup, this is how the apps with app links looks – MyAppSharer

So that makes the batch sharing of apps with your friends and also you can have a backup of what apps are installed on your mobile phone.



  1. Andres

    October 16, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    I have a problem with my new Samsung Galaxy II 19100. The phone can’t keep connected to the bluetooth of my Mercedez. It’s paired with the bluetooth, marked visible, bluetooth is marked. What’s happening? With others phone I don’T have that problem?

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