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Change Fonts on Android Device with Free App

Font Changer appAndroid is an open source platform which gives the users freedom to go through the various editing and optimization depending upon the users preferences. If you are a developer then you can easily edit the coding but for normal users definitely it’s like a hard task.

And are you tired of the same old-looking font on your handset? You can change your font on your device at anytime, anywhere. That is some cool features. With the Font Changer Android app you can change the phone instantaneously at any time. For those who are new to Android OS, they can also change the font with ease as this application will do the hard work for you in easy steps.

Font Changer Android App

The Font Changer is the Android app highly recommended for those who need to change the default Android phone font. Please note that this application on Android doesn’t include any font along with it so you need to download the fonts from your end.

When you install this app on your phone it creates backup of your default font automatically without any users notifications. And when you remove this application you should set the phone to default one by going through the settings. Importantly, for this app to work on your phone you phone should be rooted. For those who are new can read what does rooting means?

Coming to the topic discussion, this app also includes a guide information on how to add fonts and how to use the Font Changer application on your phone.

Font Changer app Font Changer app Font Changer app

Perfectly yesterday, we have posted a guide on how to install the Roboto font on your Android phone using this app. Roboto font is the default Android Ice Cream Sandwich font. And also we have gone through the detailed procedure on how to add regional language fonts.

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